15 Best White Rappers who rocked the World!

best white rappers in the world

The journey from being just an artist to the best in the world takes a lot. Years of struggle and hard work comes with a beautiful reward. When we talk about rap, of course the reward is to get ourselves moving on the dance floor. America has a history of rap stars and it made the whole world dance on the beats. Here is a list of the Best White Rappers Who Rocked the World!

Best White Rappers Who Rocked the World!


Starting off the list of the best white rappers has to be done with this famous rapper. Rittz or we all know him as Jonathan McCollum is an American Rapper. He is better known because of the first album noted by the name of Jonny Valiant. It was right back from the year of 2013 when his journey started and these famous rappers came up with several hits from then.

R.A. The Rugged Man

Next up on the list is the very famous RA Thornburn. We all heard about this man by the stage name of R.A. The Rugged Man. He is another famous American artist who came into the list from a very early age.

According to the records, R.A- The Rugged Man started his career back from the age of 12. Years of hard work and dedication has surely cremated his place as one of the best white rappers on the list. He signed for the major label Hive records when he was just 18 years old. From then, it was only a journey upwards which makes it to a great destination. Of Course everyone loved to hear his songs and make a way for it.

House of Pain

House of Pain is all about breaking the jinx and grooving for some music. The reason why it became so popular before the youth is because of the wonderful concept of rap and lyrics combined. This is an America hip-hop group who released three albums on the name before their lead rapper Everlast went on solo. From the year 2011, this group has turned on to be one of the biggest bands to be emerging from the early 90s. Each of their tracks was a hit individually and then it was only a journey upwards. To be precise, they had their first work back in the year of 2011.

Mike Shinoda

Everyone in the early’20ss who gazed into rap songs, was fairly impressed because of the contributions from Mike Shinoda. Also known as Michel Kenji Shinoda is an American artist. He is also a very famous rapper and a record producer. Why most of the people do know about this person is because he was associated with a famous rap band.

In 1996, he co-founded the very famous band Linkin Park and he is currently the co-vocalist. Like we all know from the music videos, Mike Shinoda is also a talented guitarist and a songwriter at the same time Back in the year of 2003, he created his own hip hop-driven side project and named it as the Fort Minor. A few years later, Shinoda came up with multiple other projects as a producer which included albums by Lupe Fiasco, Styles of Beyond and the X-Ecutioners.


Another growing name squeezed in the list of the best artists is Nathan John Feuerstein. We usually know this wonderful guy as NF who turned out to be a global hit. If you are a fan of hardcore lyrics, Christian hip-hop and the mainstream hip hop market, NF would be a name that you have come across.

This famous lad has made his remarkable journey starting from the year of 2014 with Capitol CMG. For any youngster, this would have been a dream debut. It is mainly because of the hype this music album came up across and became a breakthrough release. Most of the Billboard Charts declared this album from NF as a breakthrough and he pitched to be achieving bigger.

Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock comes from the city of Portland, Oregon and is one of the senior rap stars till date. This American hip-hop star is a recording artist as well as a producer at the same time. Originally, he was known to all as Ian Matthias Bavitz. Because of his famous works and dedication, Aesop Rock has been widely known to everyone as one of the best white rappers of all time.

From 1996 till present day, Aesop Rock has signed with several labels including Definitive Jux, Mush, Rhymesayers and Stones Throw. Apart from this, he is also associated with several groups that may well include The Weathermen, The Uncluded, Hail Mary Mallon, Malibu Ken, Blockhead, Rob Sonic and Onry Ozzborn.

Action Bronson

If you are a hardcore rap lover, Action Bronson is a name that you would love to admire the most. Action Bronson is a true American in nature, who raps, writes songs and even has multiple talents. This famous rap star hails from Queens, New York and is always regarded as one of the biggest stars. It was back in the year of 2012 when everybody got to know about this man. It was when he signed for Warner Bros to bring up several mixtapes. After a year of recording several tracks, Action Bronson finally came up with his own album by the name of ‘Saaab Stories’. Obviously this went down as a worldwide hit by providing a great result for everyone present. He is definitely a benchmark for the youth growing up.

Lil Dicky

Although the name might surprise you a little, once you hear the songs, you would seem to fall in love with them. This multi-talented personality is not only an established American rapper but he is also known to many as a comedian. David Andrew Burd, whom we also know as Lil Dicky is one of the hot favorites as the prominent rapper. He came into the limelight initially with the release of the music video ‘Ex-Boyfriend’. It was his debut track and soon, the content became viral all over the social media platforms. This track recorded at least 1 million views in just a few months on YouTube. Following up the success, the professional rapper came up with Freaky Friday which features Chris Brown. Ofcourse, this was another big international hit.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most impressive rappers from Ohio who went on to achieve big in the stages. Right from when he started, everybody assumed that Machine Gun Kelly comes as a wonder kid. He is signed to the Bad Boy and Interscope Records to become one of the biggest in the world of hip-hop today. Everyone who groomed Machine Gun Kelly always found out his special ability for voice and also the rapid-fire lyrical flow. After years of struggle, he rose to fame after releasing the first four mix tapes. Apart from this, Machine Gun Kelly also has a number of solo albums and songs for his name. The most praised tunes are Homecoming and Stamp of Approval.


Another big name in the list of the best white rappers is Macklemore. We all know this guy as one of the best on the stage today and because of his immense talent and hard work, Benjamin Hammond Haggerty is a famous lad now. Based from Seattle Washington, Macklemore is now one of the biggest rappers of all time with multiple talents like singing, writing and also rapping a new song.

 One of the biggest achievements for Macklemore is to work with Ryan Lewis. Their partnership was always known to be one of the best throughout the world. Since the year of 2000, he has recorded a number of mix tapes along with four albums and three EPs. One of his famous works for the Macklemore and Lewis production is the Thrift Shop.

This singer has recorded a huge hit in the market and was also placed within the Top 100 by Billboard back in the year of 2013.


A lot of us are amazed by the album ‘These Things Happen’ and from then onwards, it has been a beautiful journey for this American rapper. G-Eazy- the name we have all heard a number of times brought out this wonderful Album back from the year of 2014. Needless to say, this chart was always at a peak for a very long time. The records in the Billboard 200 are very clear about this indication. This was always going to be hitting the dance floors and rocketed along. Apart from just being a rapper, we all know about G-Eazy’s capabilities for being one of the best in the field as he has numerous song-writings and producing records.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller is one of those names who made it big in the list of the famous rappers. He is one of the most professional rappers and singers to be present on stage. Originally known as Malcolm James McCormick, he signed a record deal with the Rostrum Records back in 2010. By far, his voice has been phenomenal and most of the people do love it because of the concept he brings on. Needless to say, is delivering top hits since then and he is always growing on the bigger side. On the records, his debut studio album was based on the Blue Side Park which was released back in the year of November 8 2011.


Number 3 on our list of the best white rappers is the very infamous Yelawolf. Michael Wayne whom we all know by the stage name Yelawolf is another American rapper on the list. We all know him from the debut album by the name of Creek Water. This famous album came by the year of 2005. It was probably the golden years from 2005 to 2010 for Yelawolf as he produced more than 4 mix tapes over these years. However, the last one out of the four seemed to be the most special one for all. This was one of the best selling albums from him. Because of this, Yelawolf started to land a deal with Interscope Records. This mix-tape was re-released as the mixtape as Trunk Muzik 0-60 in the same year.

Beastie Boys

Hip hop and rapping runs parallel. In this humongous world of rap starts present, Beastie Boys is one of the most successful bands. The Beastie Boys band was originally formed back in the year of 1981 in New York.

Still today, this band is set to be considered as one of the most successful ones till date. Originally, this band was formed by four people as a punk theme with the name of The Young Aborigines. The band appeared on the compilation cassette of New York Thrash and from there on, it has been a beautiful journey. They came into prominence from the year of 1982 to being one of the most successful groups of hip-hop.


There’s no doubt that Eminem has been one of the most prominent rappers of all time because of the fame and the perspective he has got over the past few years. It would be ideal to say that Marshall Bruce Mathers II aka Eminem is the most popular showstopper. Over the years, his hard work and success have come parallel making Eminem as one of the biggest brands. He is a professional rapper, record producer, actor and also a songwriter.

Not only this, but Eminem was also known to be the best selling artists from the United States for the entire decade from the 2000s. According to the Rolling stone magazine, he is ranked amongst the top 80 of the greatest artists of all time. Eminem has not become only an artist but a successful one as well. His album with Marshall Mathers LP has recorded almost 1.76 million copies right from week 1. To be fair, it is one of the biggest and fastest selling hip-hop albums to date.

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