“Because You Need This” – A Review

How strange it is that even though our lives are full of surprises, we tend to overlook the minute details that bring us utmost joy. In this era, it is very important to hold the hand of our beloved and walk the path that would open up newer horizons and give us the scope of learning and enjoying afresh. And, what can be better than the company of a book? “Because You Need This”, written by the Left-Handed Author Nikhil Shrivastava, is one such best friend that all of us require today. So, you must take a look at what this book contains before grabbing your copy!

Author Nikhil Shrivastava with the first edition of “Because You Need This”.

Title: Because You Need This
Author: Nikhil Shrivastava
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Format: E-book + Paperback
Language: English & Hindi (titled “Delho Kuch Aise Bhi”)
Genre: Non – Fiction
“Because You Need This” is a melodrama of concrete emotions and everyday happenings that will kindle the fire in the hearts of every author. When I started reading the book for the first time, I was quite satisfied with the way the author has penned down his thoughts in a way that would make even the plain reader keep thinking. However, when I did read the book for the third time while editing it, tears gathered in my eyes because I could relate to the agony of long-lost love, incomplete relationships, heart-wrenching failures and even more. Through his book, Mr. Shrivastava has beautifully portrayed what people go through in life especially when they are in their twenties. And, the best part about this book is the flashing of well-thought quotes before the beginning of every chapter.
Book Cover: 3.5/5
Book Title: 3.5/5
Content: 4.5/5
Style: 4/5
Narration: 4/5
Language and Vocabulary: 3.5/5
Grammar and Punctuation: 3.5/5
Overall Read: 4/5

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