Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India 2018

It’s Winter and it’s the time of the year when Santa Claus comes to the town! Yes! It is true that we in India usually don’t celebrate Christmas like the Western Countries. However, we do it in our own style and we surely love the Christmas vibe that offers grace, forgiveness, and act of sharing. This festival is celebrated by billions of people across the Globe and is known to be the biggest festival celebrated every year on 25th December. This festival is all about lights, candles, decorations and most importantly Christmas Trees as this festival is fully dedicated to Jesus Christ. However, if you are still confused with what to do and how to spend your Christmas holiday, then here are the Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India 2018.

Top 10 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India 2018


#1. Goa:

Starting from the whole night parties on beaches, cocktails in bars, dancing to the toe at pubs, friendly chats, cathedrals decorated beautifully with lights and flowers all over makes a memorable Christmas eve when you in Goa. You will never run out of places to chill and spend a great Christmas time. Hence, the reason behind one of the best places in India and is a must visit if you really don’t want to miss all the wildness, fun and sparkling evenings. Santa Cruz Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral are some of the must-visit places in Goa.

#2. Kerala:

If you want to have a great Christmas holiday with a complete experience, then Kerala is where you must visit.  The strong Christian population in Kerala makes a way to celebrate Christmas in a grand manner with people decorating their houses and churches, streets are amazingly decorated with flowers, lights and candles, and all other Christmas accessories. The churches remain open whole night for the midnight mass. Besides being part of the festivities one can do so much from visiting the backwaters of Kerala to its lovely beaches and shopping for spices as well makes it a perfect time to visit Kerala.

#3. Shillong:

If you are someone who doesn’t know where to go during the Christmas time of the year and thinks that there isn’t any great place in the north-east to enjoy the festival, then think twice. Yes! Shillong in Meghalaya celebrates Christmas with a great enthusiasm and zeal like any other popular cities in India. This city offers you with a lot of interesting activities and without a doubt is a must visit if you want to go and enjoy the scenery and the beauty of nature in the North-East.

#4. Mumbai:

Mumbai has a fast-paced city life, yet the celebration for any kind of festivals are as welcomed as the other cities do. Likewise, Christmas is also celebrated every year in Mumbai and in a great decorative manner. Hill Road, Bandra and Church Gate are popular places where Christmas is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and fervor. And beside all these, there are parties organized for the party lovers at almost every nightclubs and pub present around the city. With lights, smiles, and music all around, Mumbai is, without a doubt, one of the best places to visit in Christmas in India.

#5. Pondicherry:

Winter season is almost liked by everyone and the pleasant weather of December is a great time to visit the serene beaches. Pondicherry is yet another get choice during the festive season with an endless number of gothic churches and cathedrals decorated in a beautiful manner that gives pleasure to eyes is a must visit. Starting from the crunchy cookies, Christmas trees, gift exchanges, and all other exciting activities for the visitors makes it a great place in India to celebrate the Christmas. One of the must-visit churches in Pondicherry is the Domus Dei Cathedral.

#6. Kolkata:

Kolkata or better known as the “City of Joy” is yet another a city India that embraces all festivals including Christmas. A place in Kolkata called Park Street comes in life with all those lights and beautifully decorated stars and Christmas trees and yummy delicious cakes to make it all worth the mood of Christmas. The place is also lined with great pubs and bars that remain open all night long! The St Paul’s Cathedral organizes a midnight mass and the sweet sound of carols can be heard reverberating from quite some distance. And further down at the bow barracks, the Anglo-Indian communities celebrate in traditional style. With a perfect blend of parties and customs Kolkata nails, the Christmas feel.

#7. Daman and Diu:

Daman and Diu generally has a rich colonial influence and thus celebrates Christmas in a twist with Portuguese flavor. During the time of Christmas, there is a different charm all over the city or island. There are various cultural shows going on and as well as vibrant lamps brightening the night sky, the enigmatic Corrindinho Portuguese dance forms all together make it a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas.

#8. Bangalore:

If you are someone who likes to indulges themselves into delicious and tempting desserts and cuisines, then no place can be better than the city of Bangalore during the Christmas. Almost all the big time foodies love to visit Bangalore for the perfect combination of food and Christmas spirit. The areas predominant by Christians are tastefully decorated. A large number of events are organized in the city in order to make Christmas more fascinating and fun. If you want to attend midnight mass, then you must visit churches such as Christian Fellowship Church, City Harvest AG Church, and St. Mary’s Basilica.

#9. Manali:

Snow and Christmas aren’t a great combination? Well! These two are so beautifully intertwined and it also enhances the spirit of this beautiful festival of Christmas. There is possibly no words to enhance the beauty of any hill station during Christmas. Those exotic and beautiful pine trees resemble almost like the Christmas trees and are adorned in snow, accessories, and lights. You may also book a log hut to live Christmas mood under the beautiful star-lit sky. Aren’t you excited to visit Manali this Christmas?

#10. Delhi:

Just like any other festival, Christmas is also celebrated in a grand manner in Delhi, the capital of this country. The whole city celebrates by decorating malls, pubs, streets with lights and Christmas accessories. Clubs and pubs throw theme parties and also all the cafes and nearby restaurants put some special menus for the occasion to enhance the spirit of the festival. There’s no dearth of fun places to hang out in Delhi when here for your Christmas celebrations.


Taking a small vacation in one of these places in India this Christmas will surely make things up. Let us know which one is your favorite place to visit during the Christmas in India. And if you know any other places to visit during this glittery December, let us know in the comment section below.

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