WHATSAPP Tips and Tricks: Check below to find out whether you knew any of these

With over 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp messaging have become a part of our day to day life. Fortunately, many new features have been included in the app that undoubtably makes WhatsApp one of the best messaging and chatting apps where every inch of it combinedly provides us with some useful features. Of course, we can leave apart fake news and insane messages circulated by unworthy people, which has become a pain for software developers too, but for the others, this app has proved more useful than all others.
Go through below mentioned tips and tricks that can make you pro within no time in operating WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Payments

Launched earlier this year for the people residing in India, WhatsApp messaging have integrated payments based on Indian government standards with backed UPI (Unified Payments Interface). WhatsApp Payments is very easy and simple to use where your funds can be transferred directly to your contacts by feeding in your UPI pin. All the other platforms such as Paytm, BHIM and PhonePe have made this newly launched feature very popular through integration of a huge platform like WhatsApp. This feature has helped Indian government also by developing digital payments system in messaging platform.

Managing groups and group admins

Making groups and participating in group activities is one of the most exciting features of WhatsApp. Although, Facebook also allows such, but due to public visibility, many of the members stay away from group participation. Earlier, the group admin who created a WhatsApp group had full control over adding or removing participants. However, the new feature added earlier this year allows admins choose between only admins to all admins for deciding upon subjects, icons or new members adding for the group.
WhatsApp also disabled the feature to remove group creators. Another remarkable feature added is regarding group admins restricting participants from posting messages in groups. This kind of feature is very useful for the groups who are engaged in buying and selling jobs by cutting down scam messages. To enable this feature, group admin needs to get into Group info-> Group setting-> Send messages where you can choose either of the options that are mentioned.

Group voice and video calling

WhatsApp voice and video calling have become officially functional from 2018 for iPhone and Android users. After lots of trials and testing, this feature has enabled WhatsApp groups engage into group voice and video calling. Although, the number of people supported in group calls have been restricted to four only for now, but this feature has already won many hearts as calls get connected in very convenient manner.

Message without typing

WhatsApp users can actually send messages without going through the pain of typing letters in your mobile phones. Thanks to Google assistant and Siri due to which Android users are able to send message via Google assistant while iPhone users have Siri for them. These digital features read messages for you also by selecting appropriate group name. You can simply select any group from the list, press the hold button, speak loudly and let Siri and Google assistance do all other work of sending and reading messages for you.

Reduce WhatsApp call data usage

Although WhatsApp calling feature is one of the handiest features for making calls, including international calls also, they consume lots of mobile data that can cause you trouble especially if you have tight mobile data balance. The trick that can be used here is to improve data consumption quality so that data does not get wasted. Try this: go to Settings-> Data and Storage usage-> Low data usage. Simply tick the box containing lower to minimise data usage.

Create your own GIF

We all know that WhatsApp has been supporting GIF and contains various GIFs which can be selected from messaging option, but did you know that now we can create our own GIF’s also? This means that your friends can get GIF made by you nevertheless, GIF is made out of those videos only that are stored in your smart phones.
Follow these steps if you wish to create one for your friends. Click on attach icon-> Select gallery-> Videos. Choose any saved video out of which you wish to make a GIF. Open the selected video in video editing section of WhatsApp where you can adjust video length from 6 seconds or below, only if your phones support GIFs. Once 6 seconds or lesser time video is edited, the option for converting the video to GIF will pop up on the top right. All you need to do now is take this slider towards GIF and Bingo! You’ve created one.

WhatsApp on your PC and Laptop

If you always wished to type in a full-sized key board for convenience or preferred a big screen instead of mobile phone, WhatsApp Web is for you. To get started, first you need to visit web.whatsapp.com on your PC or laptop. A QR code will be displayed on this website that can be read by mobile version of WhatsApp app. On your mobile phone, click on the three dotted icon at top-right corner and select WhatsApp Web that will launch a QR code reader. Scan the Website’s QR code with your phones reader and that’s all you need to do.
However, this feature also comes with few disadvantages like WhatsApp Web completely gets tethered to your mobile phone. This means that you cannot access WhatsApp in your computers outside if you have left your phone at home or vice versa. Nevertheless, if circumstances are at your favour, this feature can provide you with many benefits like storing shared photos and videos directly to your computer.

Creating custom notification for preferred contact

Generally, each one of us have loads of contacts that becomes unmanageable at certain times. Also, you may become slightly overwhelmed from message alerts. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has launched one very interesting feature in which you can create customised notification for different contact. All you need to do is enter into chat with desired contact option. Here you can tap their names at the chat window and select custom notification. Once entered in this option, you can tick the box labelled ‘use custom notification’ and then scroll down to next field for customized notification option. Option includes tweaking LED notification colour and changing message alert tone for selected contacts.

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