Tourist Destinations with Active Volcanoes worth visiting to encounter Nature’s force

Many natural phenomena take place on earth every second among which active Volcanoes plays a significant role. The flow of lava from volcanic mountains that emerges into lands and sea might be something that can develop interest in you while you consider a break amidst nature. A trip to active volcanic area may build fear in you, but believe us, the spectacular view of nature in combination with volcanoes and hot geysers will make you feel like present in heaven. This is the reason due to which many volcano enthusiasts are choosing active volcanic destinations around the world to encounter mother nature’s force as well as nature’s beauty at its best. At present, there are approximately 1500 active volcanoes on earth from where we have shortlisted few that can be visited by anyone. Let’s have a look at them.

Mount Aso, Kyushu, Japan

Mount Fuji is one of the active volcanoes that constantly shows sign of eruptions where some people believe that it might get erupted completely in near future. But, for now, Japan’s most active volcano and a beautiful tourist attractions spot Mount Aso, amidst Aso Kuju’s National park and situated on southern island of Kyushu has attracted lots of tourists from every hook and corner of the world. This mountain has world’s largest calderas even which offers wonderful views over twisted and pitted landscape. Visitors can reach the town of Aso via trains that runs from Kumamoto and Beppu that fares between $6 to $12. This volcanic mountain can also be reached by two cable cars that are attached to ropeways from where the entire area of Aso can be explored in detail. There are many things that can be explored in this mountain, but all the visitors must keep regular check on its accessibility before is sets off along with emissions and gassy beat often seen in the area that can choke you out sometimes.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This is one of the most beautiful and impressive National Park situated on U.S. that sits squarely over a super active volcanic belt. This area was created after a massive eruption approximately 640,000 years ago. Yellowstone caldera covers a huge area measuring around 30×45 miles where the heat coming from beneath this area helps in developing many hydrothermal features of the National Park like fumaroles, geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pots including Old Faithful that draws many tourists towards Yellowstone National Park. Another remarkable feature of this area is that earthquakes takes place constantly all the time that comes to 1000-3000 per year. The entire readings are monitored by University of Utah Seismograph Station.

Etna, Italy

Etna is one of the tallest and most active volcanic towers situated in city of Catania in the islands of Sicily of Italy. This volcanic mountain provides tourists with picture perfect views, but remains explosive all the time. Mount Etna rose sharply forming a base similar to pyramids having a circumference of 93 miles approximately covering to a small centre. Visitors reach Etna from all over the world and are even allowed to reach the highest point of the mountain provided the skies are clear and until half a day only. The sparkling sights of Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic and Ionian adds further to beauty of the sight. At an interval of every three hours, a train circles at the base of the mountain from where the passengers can view barren black lava flowing from the mountain. And lastly, do not miss to sip famous vine produced freshly in the vineyards of nearby area that flourishes in the mineral rich lands of volcanic soil.

Bromo, Indonesia

Mount Bromo of East Java is considered as a sacred place by native people that has got a spectacular view. Every year, Kasada festival is celebrated in this region where Tenggerese people travels steep slopes of the mountain to grow fruits, vegetables, livestock and flowers in this volcano’s caldera. The depth of caldera in this mountain is believed to be an offering from Gods. Travellers can visit these 7,641 feet soaring volcano after passing through a desert covered with ash. The view of sun rise over this over worldly landscape behind the rim of the crater is worth watching for which you need to rise early if you ever go to Bromo.

Kilauea, Hawaii   

There are many active volcanoes in Hawaii and Kilauea is one of them that rose 4,000 feet above from the ground. Although this is not the tallest of the volcanoes in Hawaii, but surely, it’s the most magnificent of all. The word meaning of Kilauea in Hawaii means “spewing” that means “much spreading”. The name suits Kilauea as one can see erupting crimson lava spreading all over the place since 1983. The internal area of the Kilauea caldera is a hidden rim of Halemaumau crater that has a bubbling yet volatile lava lake. The entire area can be viewed from helicopter ride or 155 miles hiking trails, if you wish to view the landscapes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park closely. To make your journey a memorable one, do visit the glowing magma during the night time below dark night sky.

Colima, Mexico

Colima is one of the most active volcanos out of 14 active volcanoes situated in Mexico. The word Colima means “Volcan de Fuega” or “Fire Volcano” in Mexico that last erupted in 2017. The latest eruption has sent huge amount of ash and smoke into the sky, however, fortunately no deaths were caused. Colima is located 75 miles south of Guadalajara. To visit, you can join or take part in any of the excursions taking place at the area ranging four miles away from volcano that can even take you to the mountain for a closer look. But, if you wish to experience the view more closely, hike up to closely located dormant “Snow Volcano” or “Volcan de Nieve”. To see Colima from above, you can even hire a basket of hot air balloon.

Arenal, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s most active volcano, Arenal acts as a centre piece of 30,000 acres of Arenal Volcano National Park. This is also one the top tourist destination spot in the country where tourists from all over the world gathers to view beautiful and serene atmosphere of the National park. Lava flows from the Arenal mountain since it last erupted at 1968, wiping two nearby towns. You can even see smoke and ash coming from the mountains’ peak during the day time. At the night, fiery red lava flowing from the western slope can be seen. To view it closely, you need to take a guided hike from the base of the Volcano which are guided by Park Rangers that also monitors Arenal’s activity along with close trials to find out when there are safe concerns.

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