Blockchain Rising popularity among the corporations | The Survey Reveals!

There have been a number of surveys that are being conducted on regular basis on the matter of blockchain popularity in the market. All the results from these surveys reveal that the blockchain technology is getting popular every day. According to the results that the survey reveals, blockchain technology is becoming quite popular among the global corporate executives.
The blockchain industry is frequently expanding as more and more companies along with their top executives are welcoming the blockchain technology.
Recently, Bitcoinist has reported that approximately 70 percent of corporate executives who became the part of the Deloitte’s blockchain survey 2018 mentioned how exciting this concept of blockchain is.
According to the reports around 1,053 senior executives all across the world including Canada, France, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. As per the numbers, the industry giants like IBM and PwC that is PricewaterhouseCoopers has significantly invested their time and money in researching the blockchain projects and implementation.
Straight from PwC’s 2018 Blockchain Survey, around 600 executives have come together from 15 territories across the world. It was on 27th August 2018 when the survey reports came out in open.

What did respondants day about the survey?

According to the results that came out from the survey, most of the respondents said that the blockchain’s biggest strengths lied in the increased transparency, faster transaction, and elimination of intermediaries.
What was most impressive was all the executives who participated in the survey revealed that they have been working on one or more blockchain projects.

Details of the Survey conducted on blockchain popularity –

The survey that we are discussing was carried out in April and May and was completely focused on business executives with the technological responsibilities.
It is not like blockchain scored all the stars, the survey also revealed that there are still doubts and challenges with the security, speed, interoperability, and standardization.

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