How to Choose an Ideal PTZ Camera?

How to Choose an Ideal PTZ Camera

If you look for the top notch PTZ camera keeping in mind such useful objectives as streaming or video production, web conferencing etc, you must know several important things concerning types and technical demands for this gadget. Our article will be helpful in choosing the best option for your needs. Step by step you will learn the most important characteristics for the best ptz camera. A newbie or real geek in the area of innovation, just find your ideal digital assistant.

PTZ Camera Types

Let’s start from foundations. Generally industry experts define 6 types for which go as follows:

  • ptz Camera Outdoor

In comparison with the indoor ptz camera this type doesn’t fear severe outdoor conditions or bad weather. In most cases such cameras envisage using a waterproof exterior and special IP rating showing an adequate level of protection against rain, snow etc.

  • wireless PTZ Camera

This category is very helpful for transmitting video surveillance footage, and what is more important – over long distances to avoid running cable for expensiveness. Such a camera can provide better viewing in tight spaces.

  • IP PTZ Camera

As you have gassed from its name, this type envisages many benefits, and one of them – a wireless installation without necessarily relying on hardwired connections.

  • PoE PTZ Camera

“Power over Ethernet” is the top feature of this superb gadget.  In fact, all it needs is only one wire: the functional envisage plugging onto a typical wall socket. After this it will start receiving power as well as Internet connection.

  • Analog PTZ Camera

In this case, surveillance footage is being obtained via analog PTZ security cameras, while then is being recorded to DVR, a digital video recorder. Thanks to DVR support footage information being converted, processed, and stored.

Network Requirements

Video over PTZ camera is high resolution, so IT professionals recommend using a Gigabit network. That’s why take into consideration the following things: bandwidth limitations of your network switches as well as bandwidth requirements of your cameras as well as monitors, computers, video switchers, encoders, and any other Network Device Interface sources; as you add more cameras to the network, it can possibly cause quality issues.

Streaming Protocols

  • HTTP Live streaming protocol –  it’s created by Apple for  iOS and& Apple TV devices as well as Macs running OSX
  • Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming – namely HDS ensures live adaptive and on-demand bitrates video delivery with standards-based MP4 media, and over regular HTTP connections.

Resolution and zoom

The high quality PTZ camera is supposed to have multiple simultaneous outputs while resolution can be different for each of them.

  • HDMI / CVBS / SDI:

For these outputs the resolution is set with the help of the yellow dial located on the back of the device. While the chart which is on the bottom of the camera is supposed to assist to correlate resolution – to the DIAL indicators.

  • USB:

This type can be fixed using a tool like AMCAP. All you need is a free version for tuning the USB settings.

Nowadays zoom-conferences are a part of a so-called “new normality.”  Zoom Rooms envisage the option  to control your PTZ camera almost at the time of finishing a video conference call. Zoom Rooms were made up for online meeting spaces. Exactly the same kind of technology is used for Zoom Room PTZ camera control.  In fact, it can be used for “far end” remote PTZ camera controls.


This device envisages both software and hardware options for controlling. As for your network connection, usually there are two variants: ethernet connections and  WiFi connections. A user can control his camera using software for a quality video production such as Wirecast, xSplit or LiveStream Studio in order to have control features built directly into the software interface. It’s also possible to use hardware-based video production switchers including NewTek TriCaster video switcher. After all, a proven method of controls over  a wireless camera includes PanTiltZoom – the Android and iOS innovative apps for PTZOptics ones. As of today, ptz remote control camera is a highly popular option with impressive sales. 

Hope you appreciated our article and got a better and more professional understanding of how everything works. You may also search for corresponding videos that will make a great contribution regarding all this technical stuff, softs, apps. Just remember that if you have more questions concerning a superb PTZ camera, technical people, who are active in social media, will always give you more information and advice on specific digital issues and modern gadgets. 

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