5 Health and Wellness Benefits Of Cycling For Women

5 Health and Wellness Benefits Of Cycling For Women

Cycling never held the title of being an EXCLUSIVELY men’s thing, even decades ago. Yes, for some reason, there were more men spotted biking than women, but that’s clearly changing now. It’s not unusual to notice more and more women on the roads or trails, some cycling to work to get an early morning workout, or some simply just running errands.

The health and wellness benefits of cycling have been long known and understood; it’s a super healthy and smart choice for women as well as for men. But here we will talk about the top five benefits of cycling for women’s health. As a woman, if you’re on the fence about cycling, this article will definitely convince you to take it up right away!

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

The very first benefit on our list is how cycling rapidly improves heart health, not just for women, but for men too! It increases lung capacity and protects the heart by burning unnecessary fat, reducing cholesterol, and most importantly enhancing better blood flow in the whole body.

If you want to remain healthy and fit, we highly recommend you consider cycling as it is one of the best ways to incorporate a workout into your daily routine. Did you know that heart attacks are less common among regular bikers?

Additionally, studies have also stated that regular cyclists are able to reduce the risks of heart disease by 50%. And to achieve that you don’t have to be an olympian, all you need to do is try to complete at least 20 miles of cycling on a weekly basis.

Are you convinced already? Then it’s time to get a new bike; check these out to begin your biking adventures the right way!

2. May Lower the Risk of Breast Cancer

Unfortunately, instances of breast cancer in women are on the rise, but the overwhelming scientific consensus suggests that exercising regularly can decrease the potential risks of developing breast cancer cells.

This is applicable to all women, but doctors recommend women in their late 30s and 40s should consider cycling as a form of exercise to reduce the risks of being diagnosed at a later stage. This is because women who fall within this age group are in their early menopausal phase and it’s better to take precautionary actions than be sorry later.

It’s been discovered that women who are physically fit and exercise regularly have approximately 12% less chance of having breast cancer. Moreover, did you know that cycling is considered a low-impact workout? This means that no matter what your age is, you can consider cycling; you can do so even if you are worried about knee pain. The best part is, cycling does not put a lot of pressure on your bones, legs, and feet, making it an ideal workout choice for women of all ages.

3.  Promotes Weight Loss

Yes, we did say that cycling is a low-impact workout, but you can easily modify your cycling routine to make it a high-intensity calorie-burning activity. It depends on your current fitness levels, and most importantly, whether you’re willing to speed up and enhance your endurance or not. It all depends on your personal approach.

Powering your legs at a moderate speed will burn calories, no matter what. This makes cycling a great weight-loss workout option. Here are some facts and figures for you. If you cycle every day at a speed of 12 – 16 mph, you’ll end up burning a minimum of 400 calories, and a maximum of 700 calories. Not bad, huh?

It’s great for women who find running for an hour too difficult. Imagine cycling for an hour vs running for an hour. It’s quite obvious that cycling is a much more doable activity while giving you similar weight loss results.

4. Stress-reliever

Do you want to clear your head after a hectic day at work? Just take your bike out for a ride. You’re bound to return in a better mood. Did you know that cycling releases tension? If you’re worried about something or have been concerned lately, try to get into the habit of cycling; sooner rather than later, you’ll know why it was the best decision ever.

Cycling disconnects you from your current environment; you’re on a bike, on your own, peddling away and enjoying the fresh air outside. Taking your bike out is the best way to tackle all kinds of mental blocks.

Additionally, cycling plays a huge role in transforming your mindset. It helps to build more focus, be more aware of your surroundings, and promote better mental health.

5. Helps You Look Younger

Needless to say that the secret to looking younger and healthier is to stay physically active. Any kind of exercise, including cycling, will help you look younger. The blood circulation from the workout enables the essential nutrients and oxygen to be distributed to our skin.

Cycling, like any other form of physical exercise, is known to slow down the process of aging, such as clearing out blemishes, wrinkles, etc. Plus, if your skin has been exposed to harmful UV rays, cycling is also known to tackle the effects of harmful UV radiation.

Moreover, cycling is great for boosting collagen production, which is essential to keep skin looking healthier and youthful.


Before we conclude, we would like to remind you to assess your own health first, and whether biking is a feasible choice for you. If you have any health conditions, make sure to consult your doctor before opting for biking. Building healthy habits is tough, so remember to set yourself goals that are achievable for you.

Lastly, always wear a safety helmet and dress accordingly to prevent unnecessary injuries and bicycle accidents. In the process, be patient and kind to your body, mind, and health. Good luck!

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