What Should the Bulgarian Gambling Operator Palms Bet Do if It Wants to Operate in Other Countries?

What Should the Bulgarian Gambling Operator Palms Bet Do if It Wants to Operate in Other Countries

Bulgaria is a country in Europe that is home to a large number of online casinos and bookmakers. Some are registered in other jurisdictions, whereas others obtained a license. With that being said, there are brands, such as Palms Bet, that are registered in Bulgaria and offer people tons of casino games and amazing sportsbooks. Unsurprisingly, Nostrabet’s review states that the Bulgarian gambling company Palms Bet wants to expand to other markets because the iGaming operator is interested in becoming a gathering hub for online bettors.

Even though operating in a different jurisdiction might seem easy, online betting operators have to do all sorts of things before they have the chance to do that. We can’t include everything in a single review, which is why we will try to point out some of the most important steps. 

Palms Bet needs to get a permit from the local authorities

The first and undoubtedly most important step that Palms Bet needs to complete before it starts operating in other countries is related to the license. The online betting company has a valid permit in Bulgaria, which allows it to offer different services. Needless to say, other countries also have their regulators, and betting brands must adhere to the specific rules.

Getting a valid license is easier said than done, even for big brands like Palms Bet. In some cases, these companies need to change their Terms and Conditions or offer additional features. Furthermore, the process takes time, especially in some countries. After all, the online betting operator will have to compete against other bookmakers and casinos that are already operating within the country, which is why the authorities have to make sure it plays by the rules.

The Bulgarian gambling brand needs to learn more information about local bettors

While it is true that most online bettors are interested in the same things, punters in every country have their specifics. If we take Bulgaria, for example, and read the Palms Bet review from Nostrabet, we can see that the company emphasizes bonuses and a sportsbook/casino. That’s because local iGaming fans want to punt on sports, play different slots, and use a variety of promotions. Those things are popular in Bulgaria, but this doesn’t mean bettors in other jurisdictions will be interested in them.

Although there are different ways of checking what locals want to bet on, the quickest option is to preview some of the top-rated local gambling brands. Needless to say, they will include things that local gamblers are interested in.

One of the problems that Palms Bet might come across is related to offering a sportsbook and a casino on the same platform. Despite the fact that most gambling regulators allow iGaming companies to get a permit for both things, others will require them to have separate websites. As a result, Palms Bet may have to create a second site to provide a sportsbook or a casino.

Palms Bet needs to learn additional information about the local payment options

In addition to providing local online bettors with the sections they are interested in, Palms Bet has several other important steps to complete. One of them is related to the payment options because every country has specific payment solutions that locals use all the time. For example, online bettors in Bulgaria often take advantage of an option called Easy Pay, which gives them the option to make deposits using real cash.

While it is true that each country has different preferences, most iGaming fans are used to using their credit cards and e-wallets. Even though Palms Bet does not offer digital currencies in Bulgaria, the company may decide to offer Bitcoin and other options if it operates in other countries. The same applies to some of the popular mobile payment options. The latter is popular in some African countries, such as Ghana and Nigeria.

The brand should try to provide a high-quality customer support team

Having loads of betting options, memorable proposals, and loads of payment options will definitely make Palms Bet one of the preferred betting options in every country. However, those who’ve read Nostrabet’s review about Palms Bet in Bulgaria know that the company also offers a class-leading customer support team. Hence, local punters can always talk to the special department when needed.

It goes without saying, but Palms Bet has to try and provide its clients in the specific country with a professional support department. It can do that by hiring local customer support agents or paying a third-party company to do that. Most online bookmakers and casinos choose the second option.

The Bulgarian betting brand will need to change its bonuses

The bonuses are the last thing Palms Bet has to consider if it decides to operate in a different country. Even though the operator has some of the best promotions in Bulgaria, most of the proposals can’t be adjusted for a different market. Consequently, the brand has to come up with new bonuses if it wants to gain new users.

Palms Bet will probably focus on the welcome proposal because this bonus will allow the company to lure new clients. Therefore, we expect loads of bonus funds, free bets, and more.

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