What Differentiates Betano From Other Bulgarian Online Betting Platforms?

What Differentiates Betano From Other Bulgarian Online Betting Platforms

Some countries have strict gambling laws that prohibit any form of online or land-based betting, whereas others are more liberal. Bulgaria definitely falls into the second category because the country is home to numerous companies. In fact, Nostrabet’s review said that recently Betano has opened its doors for Bulgarian bettors. This makes Betano yet another foreign iGaming operator that will go up against several other brands.

While it is true that some Bulgarian online bettors think that Betano is just like any other company in the country, this isn’t the case. Due to the fact that this brand operates in several other countries, it offers many things that are not present on other platforms. Therefore, it is just a matter of time before it becomes the leading bookie in the country.

Although you don’t need previous betting experience to spot the differences between Betano and other companies, some people might have difficulties finding them. Therefore, this article will share more information about them.

The design

Every online bookmaker and casino has its distinctive design, and Betano is not an exception. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most people who use this iGaming company will be impressed by the way it looks. Unlike some casinos and bookmakers registered in Bulgaria, Betano’s design is contemporary and looks way more attractive. The brand achieved that by providing punters with an intriguing design and the implementation of its signature colors – orange and white.

Another thing that makes Betano unique is the site’s layout and menu placements. Usually, online bookies that offer as many options as this brand have a messy interface that makes the site difficult to use, even for experienced bettors. Luckily, Betano works alongside the best designers in the iGaming industry. Consequently, you don’t need to have a lot of experience to find a specific betting section, bonus, and feature. Everything you need is just a click away, as long as you get used to the site and the way it looks.

The brand’s history and experience

One of the things we’ve mentioned is that Betano is an online betting platform that is available in several other countries. Additionally, the Betano review from Nostrabet indicates that this company has a solid experience under its belt, especially in some jurisdictions. The fact that a given gambling operator survived for so long in this rapidly-changing industry means it knows how to satisfy its users. 

Even though some iGaming companies in Bulgaria also have several years of experience in online betting, they are not in the same league as Betano. The latter refined the sections over the years so that it offers its clients a smooth and easy-to-use platform suitable for all kinds of bettors.

Betano offers more registration steps

While it is true that some people might not pay any attention to the signup process, this plays an important role when choosing an online betting platform. Some brands in Bulgaria provide iGaming enthusiasts with a fast registration procecude, but there are companies where people have to spend a lot of time before gaining access to the specific operator’s services.

Like in many other areas, Betano is just slightly better than the rest because the company offers a faster and easier to use way to create an account. Aside from the classic option that requires users to enter their personal information, the operator gives Bulgarian bettors the chance to use their Google or Facebook accounts and allows them to legally open an account and use the site’s services. Those who select one of the two options will have access to Betano’s platform in a matter of seconds. 

Betano sponsors numerous world-class football teams

You can do numerous things if you want to determine whether a given platform is legit. The Betano review from Nostrabet for Bulgaria shows that this company allows local iGaming fans to use all sorts of features. With that being said, once you decide to open this company’s website and scroll down, you will see that Betano sponsors some of the best football clubs in the world. 

Unlike other brands in Bulgaria that only help some of the top teams, such as Levski Sofia, Betano is on another level. Although this bookmaker sponsors a team called Lokomotiv Sofia, it also helps numerous other top-rated clubs. This includes Porto, Benfica, Sporting CP, PAOK, and more. This should definitely affect the bookie’s popularity among online bettors.

Bulgarian punters can use interesting payment options

Unlike other international betting websites, Betano decided to conduct research and learn more about what local online bettors use to make online payments. Consequently, people who decide to use this bookmaker’s services have access to popular credit/debit cards, a few e-wallets, and the classic payment options for Bulgaria – ePay.bg and Easy Pay. 

What’s even more impressive is that Betano offers payments via Revolut, an increasingly popular online payment solution that gives bettors the chance to make fast and safe transactions without risking their banking details.

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