Rachel Mcguire: Where Is The Actress Who Played Her Now?

Rachel Mcguire

Maitland Ward played the red-headed cutie pie that ended up living with Jack and Eric during the college years of Boy Meets World. The actress has since appeared in Boston Public, White Chicks, and Rules of Engagement. She now lives bicoastally (NYC/LA) with her husband and cat, and she’s got a fun Twitter account. Playing the role of Rachel Mcguire has old school fans wanting to know more about the history of the character and how she was written into the script.

“Boy Meets World” premiered on ABC in September 1993. At the onset, the series focused on the life of Cory Matthews (played by Ben Savage), a sixth-grader attending Jefferson Elementary School in Philadelphia. After seven seasons, he got into mischief with best friend Shawn (Rider Strong), learned valuable life lessons from teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), and married longtime love Topanga (Danielle Fishel). “Boy Meets World” also spawned a Disney Channel spin-off series called “Girl Meets World,” which saw the return of many of the characters from the original series like Rachel Mcguire.  Here are some cool trivia about the character: 

Rachel Mcguire Wiki Bio 

How did Rachel Mcguire get written into the script?

Girl Meets World has had no shortage of Boy Meets World’s classic characters showing up and bringing intense feelings of nostalgia with them. We’ve seen characters from Mr. Feeny to Angela, but one character we still haven’t seen much is Eric and Jack’s old roommate (and object of both guys’ affections) Rachel McGuire. 

Rachel is a beautiful, tall girl that suddenly appeared in Jack and Eric’s lives at the start of season 6 when they agreed to let her live with them after she broke up with her boyfriend. The boys began to compete for the right to date her, but later realized that their friendship might be too important. Rachel became good friends with Angela and Topanga and was one of the bridesmaids for Cory and Topanga’s wedding.

Ward’s character Rachel was mentioned in the show’s latest episode, “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”. Jack (Matthew Lawrence) was the latest BMW character to guest on the series and during a conversation between he and Eric, we find out that Jack and Rachel went off to the Peace Corps together, but when Jack came back to take a position at a powerful company, Rachel opted to stay in the Corps.

Where is the actress who played Rachel Mcguire now?

Maitland Ward is now a cosplayer and pornographic actress. 

She was the actress who played the leggy redhead that drove the guys wild and she was also in Disney’s continuation of the series, Girl Meets World. She’s appeared at conventions dressed as Poison Ivy from the “Batman” comics and Mera from “Aquaman,” among other characters. 

Ward signed with the adult boutique talent agency Society 15 and she’s posted several topless photos on her social media accounts. The actress previously appeared in “White Chicks” and “Rules of Engagement.” Her latest role was on an erotic series for adult film studio Blacked.

Ward has been married to Terry Baxter since 2006.

Quick Facts:

  • Full name is Rachel Kimberly McGuire 
  • Friend of Eric Matthews, Angela Moore and Topanga Lawrence.
  • Briefly the girlfriend of Jack Hunter


  • She was born and raised in Texas, and moved with an ex-boyfriend to Philadelphia. After breaking up with him, she remained in Philadelphia, rooming with Eric and Jack, whom she would become close friends with.
  • Moved in with Eric and Jack who, unbeknownst to her, began competing for her affections. 
  • Eric states that he and Rachel have remained close friends, and talk all the time.
  • Upon graduation from college, Rachel and Jack both joined the Peace Corps, but after Jack left (while she stayed) she lost contact with him. 
  • Rachel began dating Jack during his emotional breakdown following his father’s death, but later broke up with him when Eric told her of their initial competition.
  • Rachel herself never appeared in the sequel, but Michael Jacobs once said in an interview that he had planned for her to appear in Season 3, but it never happened.
  • Rachel appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of Boy Meets World in a total of 42 episodes.
  • Believed she caused Chet’s death, as she gave him a slice of her homemade cake right before he had a heart attack. Eric then referred to the cake as ‘The Cake of Death’
  • Rachel is the tallest of the group (Maitland Ward is 5’10”). 
  • She mentions in the episode She’s Having My Baby Back Ribs that she is self-conscious about her height.
  • Topanga and Angela became her roommates when they moved into the apartment, displacing Jack and Eric.
  • Gave the apartment back to Eric and Jack, as she and Angela moved into a dorm, where Rachel became the RA.
  • Faced a crisis where she felt like an outsider in The War & Seven the Hard Way.
  • Joined the Peace Corps with Jack following their graduation.
  • Once had a stuffed rabbit named Bunny Baby but was shredded to pieces when a young Rachael slips the wrong switch in the kitchen to see its “bunny hole” instead made it start spinning and leaving only chunks and fabric.
  • Rachel never made an appearance on the sequel series Girl Meets World, but she is mentioned by Eric and Jack in the season 2 episode “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”, in which it is revealed that while she has remained close friends with Eric, she lost touch with Jack after he left the Peace Corps. Producer Michael Jacobs mentioned in an interview that he had planned for Rachel to appear in a Season 3 episode, but it never happened.
  • At various points she roomed with Topanga, Angela, Eric, and Jack.

Alternate Personalities of Rachel Mcguire:

  • Young Rachel (And In Case I Don’t See Ya)
  • Future Rachel from Texas (Seven the Hard Way)
  • Gumshoe’s Secretary (As Time Goes By)

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