20 amazing facts about Emilia Schüle

Emilia Schüle

If you are a fan of German cinema and American sitcom, then Emilia Schüle wouldn’t be an unknown face to you. Schüle is a popular influencer and German actress who has been associated with more than 25 films and top television shows. At the age of thirteen, she kickstarted her acting career, and hitherto, she is one of the most popular stars in Germany. Emilia Schüle has her roots in Russia as she was born there. But later on, she moved to Germany. The beauty is not just a popular figure in Germany but she’s popular all over the world, owing to her decent acting skills. She is quite active on social platforms and can often be seen entertaining her fans. There are many interesting facts about this actress. Let’s discover them one-by-one!

1. She is a German but she has a soft corner for Russian

Emilia Schüle was born in Russia in the year 1992. She took birth in Blagoveshchensk, which is an emerging city in Russia. She spent some years in Russia. Emilia’s parents belong to German ancestry. Few years after her birth, Emilia’s family moved back to Germany and resided in the country’s capital, Berlin. As she spent some years in Russia, she has a soft corner for Russia though she is now permanently settled in Germany.

2. Emilia is a style diva

The celebrities are known to set fashion trends and the same goes for Emilia Schüle. The 28-year old actress is known for her beauty and quirky fashion sense that complements her beauty. Emilia’s hair color is blonde, but the actress is quite fond of carrying various hairstyles. The color of her eye is light brown. She has got a great fashion sense.

3. Emilia Schüle has worked in an American Film

Very few people know that Emilia has worked in an American film named ‘How to train your Dragons’. This movie was quite popular in the entire USA as well as worldwide. She lent her voice in the movie. It is said to be her first American movie, where she participated in a voice-over stint.

4. She is a social media queen and influencer

Emilia is very much active on social platforms, and she has been able to accumulate quite many followers. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has a huge fan base on Twitter, out of which a lot of the followers are from America. This German actress is also quite popular on Instagram and Facebook with a global fan-base. Her popularity has given her the status of an influencer.

Twitter: @Emilia_Schuele

Instagram: @emilia.shuele

5. She is a recipient of many awards

Emilia has won several awards for her amazing performances. Her work in German cinema has been acclaimed and rewarded. Her excellent performance in “High Society” landed her a nomination for the Bambi Awards in 2017. The year 2007 was the best year for the actress as she won two awards: the German actor Award and Golden Camera Award. These awards are popular in Germany and hold the highest stature in acting.

6. Emilia Schüle is a Sagittarius

Emilia Schüle was born on 28th November 1992, which states that she is a Sagittarius. According to her zodiac sign, she is quite free-spirited and wild. Her energy to explore and learn new things helps her in achieving great heights in life. Sagittarius women are very truthful and honest. Their dedication to work is one big secret for success, which is never-ending. All this is apt in case of Emilia.

7. Emilia Schüle is rich

Much is not known about Emilia’s income, however it can be said that she is rich. She charges a good amount per episode, and she even earns well through her endorsements. Emilia Schüle’s net worth is somewhere between $100k to $1 million in 2020. Most of her earnings come from German television series and her influencer campaigns.

8. Emilia Schüle is single after being in a long-term relationship

Though the German beauty is crush of many guys, she never took undue advantage of her beauty. Emilia Schüle was deeply in love with Jannis Niewoehner, and she was totally a one-man woman. The couple enjoyed a special bond. However, they got separated in 2015 after dating each other for almost seven years.

At present, Emilia Schüle is said to be quite busy in her German television series, which leaves her no time for socializing. What we can figure out about the actress is that she is not married, nor does she have any children. She is single, and one of the main reasons for the same is her busy schedule.

9. She speaks multiple languages

Emilia is quite interested in learning new things including different languages. She is German and speaks German fluently. As we know that she was born in Russia, so her Russian vocal skills are also amazing. Regarding her spoken English, we are not sure whether she speaks the language fluently, but sources say that she is well versed with the English language and can easily understand the language, though she might face a little trouble speaking the same.

10. Emilia grew up in a medical environment

Both Emilia’s father and mother are expert medical professionals. Emilia’s mom and dad are well-qualified physicians and hold great value in their area of work. Hence, Emilia grew up in a medical environment whereby she saw her parents working day in and day out.

11. Emilia has appeared in Tread stone

 Emilia is popular not only in Germany but also in America. She was a part of the much-talked-about American series named “Tread stone”. She essayed one of the pivotal roles in the show. This allowed her to gain fan-following in America. These fans are hoping for more action from the star in the future.

12. She was a performer by birth

Emilia was fond of performing arts ever since she was a child. She was fascinated by ballet and modern dance from a very tender age of seven. She used to participate in many school competitions and cultural events. It is believed that she was discovered by an agent by delivering her performances in a cultural market. Then, she got her first break as an actor.

13. Emilia Schüle’s road to Fame began when she was just 15

 Emilia Schüle gained fame owing to her breathtaking performance in a famous German movie named Freche Madchen. She was only 15 when she performed in this movie. This movie provided Emilia with her first break and gained immense popularity all around the world.

14. Emilia is not at all fond of any makeups

Emilia has revealed in her interview that she hates putting on makeup. She would rather wear jeans and casual boots. Just recently, after getting colossal fame, she has hired a stylist for public appearances. She believes that her fame is because of her acting skills and not her looks.

15. She is a philanthropist

Very few of you might know that Emilia is a very charitable person and a philanthropist. She believes in contributing to mankind by helping others. In 2012, she lent major support to the Philippines when major parts of the country were destroyed due to the typhoon. During these challenging times, she visited the country as an ambassador for the Children’s Charity Plan.

16. Emilia is highly educated

Most Emilia fans believe that she had to comprise her studies as she started acting when she was just thirteen. However, that is not the case. In one of her interviews, Emilia has stated that she loved studies. In fact, she completed her studies along with pursuing her career as an actor. She completed her degree course from Germany.

17. Emilia Schüle is a fan of FRIENDS

Like millions of people, Emilia is a fan of the American series Friends. She has seen all episodes and she even watches them again and again. Apart from it, she spends her time watching Ally Mc Beal. During her childhood, she loved to watch Sailormoon. She is also into music and loves to hear the music of Edit Piaf.

18. She has given many successful German movies

Emilia has acted in many German movies and series, but her most successful German movies are:

  • Freche Madchen 1& 2
  • Boy 7
  • High Society
  • Aschenputtel.

19. She endorses many brands

 Emilia is quite a famous star in Germany and has endorsed various brands over the years. Some of her most popular brand endorsements are Arcor, IKEA, Clearasil, and Deutsche Telekom. Many other offers for endorsements are lined up for the star, and she will be working with many other famous brands in Germany and worldwide.

20. Emilia started as a model

Emilia initially started as a model and then later went into acting. She was a very successful model and had started her modeling journey right before she took up acting. Her popularity in the modeling world paved the way in acting for some of the most significant banners in Germany. She is a full-time television series actress and has also acted in many films. She has also been appraised with many awards.

So that’s all about Emilia Schüle for now. At the age of 28, she has stolen the limelight and achieved so much in her life. She has the potential to do more. We wish her all the best for her future!

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