What Makes Amazon Prime Video One of the Finest Streaming Services Out There

What Makes Amazon Prime Video One of the Finest Streaming Services Out There

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most affordable video on demand streaming services available in the market. If we discuss its worldwide presence, Prime Video is accessible in 200+ countries globally.

Apart from this, Prime Video enables you to watch TV shows, movies and other media content based on different genres like action, comedy, romance, drama, horror, suspense, science fiction, adventure, history, etc. accordingly.  

If you want to know why Amazon Prime Video is a better streaming option than other video on demand services, read this post in detail. 

What is Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video or Prime Video is a brainchild of Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. Through a Prime Video subscription, you can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and other media content on your desired devices including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, smart TVs, etc. hassle-free.

Unique Selling Point of Amazon Prime Video 

As far as its unique selling point is concerned, you can access Amazon Prime Video almost from anywhere. Luckily, the famous on demand streaming platform is already offering its services in all the major 200+ countries across the globe. 

As a result, you can access Prime Video in different countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. straightaway. If we talk about its media content library, you can watch Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Guava Island, Good Girls Revolt, Fearless, Truth Seekers, Modern Love, etc. using its American library. 

Similarly, you can consider using Prime Video Australian library to watch media content including Mozart in the Jungle, Goliath, Fleabag, The Lighthouse, Mean Girls, Knives Out, etc. on multiple devices of your choice accordingly.

Likewise, the Kiwi media library of Amazon Prime Video allows you to stream numerous shows and movies such as Upload, Homecoming, Tokyo Girl, Forever, Horizon Line, Fantasy Island, Them: Season 1, Mauritanian, etc. on your screens.  

Salient features of Amazon Prime Video

As already explained, Prime Video is one of the most cost effective streaming services out there. It means you can subscribe to Prime Video by paying only $5.99 per month.

This way, you can watch a plethora of media content on multiple devices like Windows, Mac, Android, web browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), Smart TVs, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, etc. without any problem.

Watch Party

Like Netflix, Prime Video also offers an exciting feature to its users by the name of Watch Party. Through the said feature, you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies along with your loved ones at the same time virtually stress-free.  

Prime Video channels

This is another great feature of Prime Video that allows you to stream hundreds of premium channels on your preferred devices instantly. Interestingly, you can add additional channels to your existing Prime Video subscription like HBO, Showtime, etc. depending on your budget. 

This way, you can stream even more record breaking and award-winning shows, movies, and documentaries on a wide range of devices.

Simultaneous streams

The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it allows you to stream all your favorite movies, documentaries, and shows on various devices trouble-free.

Fortunately, you can avail its massive simultaneous streams feature that helps you continue accomplishing your streaming desires on three different devices at a time. 

Moreover, the said feature also allows you to share your login credentials with your friends or loved ones. As a result, they can also watch all their favorite shows and other media content as and when needed without subscribing to Amazon Prime Video.

Hence, your friends or loved ones can save a handsome amount of money per month and watch a multitude of famous shows, movies and documentaries straightaway.   

Offline viewing

Offline viewing is another useful feature that comes in handy when you want to stream TV shows or movies without using your Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection. 

Interestingly, you can get this impressive feature on your Windows and mobile devices like Android and iOS. If you want to download Prime Video titles on such devices, you will need to open your Prime Video app first. 

By doing so, you can explore your desired title you wish to download and complete the downloading process eventually. This is how you can stream Prime Video while traveling or on the go without relying on your internet connection.  

Wrapping Things Up

There is no denying that Amazon Prime Video still holds an edge over its competitors in terms of pricing, compatibility, offline viewing, and other features. 

Besides, the service offers an incredible 30-day free trial to its new users that helps them explore its hidden benefits in detail. Free trial aside, Prime Video is a one-stop solution for those viewers who want to stream content based on various genres like comedy, romance, action, adventure, horror, suspense, history, etc. 

Overall, Amazon Prime Video seems to be an affordable yet impressive online video on demand streaming service for viewers who do not want to spend much on their online entertainment needs. 

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