Benefits of Having a Fancy Mobile Number

fancy mobile numbers

Just like keeping a mobile phone has become a common trend, so is having a fancy mobile number. The combination of fancy mobile numbers is worth buying for various reasons. Therefore, many operators like Airtel, Jio and VI offers fancy mobile numbers to their users. Once you make up your mind, all you need is a preferred network and unique number which can get ported easily.

What are different patterns to identify a fancy mobile number?

For the past 30 years or more, fancy numbers are been used by many people and companies. Earlier, it was not easy to buy a fancy number as they were used for political or corporate purposes only. But now, you can easily get yourself a fancy mobile number from sites like Just see if the number matches with any of the criteria of a fancy mobile number such as having three or more consecutive numbers, repetition of a single digit for four times or having a number repeated thrice or more times consecutively.

Why Airtel fancy mobile numbers are important to hold?

Artel fancy mobile numbers are comparatively 50% easier to remember as compared to other operators’ numbers. The fancy mobile numbers are moreover an excellent value buying for corporate reasons and can offer your business or job with an excellent advertising option.

You can choose the best offers available online and display your fancy number on your website for marketing purpose. To personalise such numbers, all you need is to choose a convenient post-paid or prepaid option.

Additional benefits provided by VI and Jio fancy mobile numbers

Just like Airtel fancy numbers are crucial, investing in VI and Jio numbers is an equally good option due to the following reasons:

  • If you are looking to expand your business or hold a virtual office, you can get a free tracking facility while choosing a set of fancy mobile numbers from the company. The port options can be enabled with tracking decisions.
  • One of the most advantageous features of the VI fancy number is that you can avail yourself maximum ROI. This is because of the export data facility provided by the telecom company and putting your fancy number under the POC.

Benefits of having a fancy mobile number for business professionals

Easy to recall

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial factors and the reason people opt for a fancy mobile number. With a unique number, you can impress your business clients and friends as well.

Brand identification

The choice of the number usually reflects your personality and the type of business you own. With a fancy number, you can easily establish a reputation and image particularly by choosing a number that has repetitive digits or has consecutive numbers.

Looks great on the professional visiting card

If you have an excellent mobile number printed on your business card, it looks great ideal from a professional viewpoint. So, use them on your visiting cards, website, banners or leaflets to flaunt the special number you hold. With time, such numbers become symbolic for business or within family and friend circle. Even if you change the mobile operator, you need not change your fancy mobile number.

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