Real life do not have happy endings..

Real life do not have happy endings, then why do so many stories have happy endings?? “they lived happily ever after” ..a concept like this doesn’t even exist. . The concept of happy endings exist in movies, stories etc  but in real life you have to keep fighting for your happy endings just like our beloved fictitious heroes and villains. Stories and movies have this concept of happy endings and happily ever after  only in order to satisfy their viewers and readers ..The time and the place where the story stops is the happy ending for the movies etc but the real life do not have any endings ..we have to keep fighting for to protect what we love and for our happiness. Happily ever after is not the ending …it is the beginning to our stories. I real life you  are the writer of your story and it depends on you whether you fight for your source of happiness and love and make it a concept similar to happy endings or just ruin your life
I always wondered why bad  things  happen with  good people and good things happen with bad people??Good people also experience hard times and bad people also have a good day sometimes but according to the concept of moral values etc the situation should be inverse ..then what is the problem? The answer to these questions is a simple answer that: we all experience tragedy and heartaches, no matter if we are labeled as a good or bad person and we all deserve happiness also. If only good things will keep on happening with the person ..people start taking the good things prevailing in their life for granted and then also curse God for not giving them happiness because on getting plenty of happiness people become  blind they often act like they are the most talented person on earth in order to keep a balance a bit balanced , people should get both happy and sad moments in their life in proper proportion in their life

Real life works in an entirely different manner . they rarely have clear cut endings. How to achieve happy ending in real life?? surround yourself with positive people .. your social circle should consist of the people who drag you towards happiness.. and let you enjoy the happy moments of your life . These are the people who would help to shed light on the good things in your life, when you maybe drowning completly in darkness. Immense strength is used to bound back from hard times, and the right people in your life can help you do that.

“For me a happy ending is not that where everything works out just right,its more coming to a place where a person has a clear vision of his or her own life in a way that enables  them  to kind of throw out all their negativity and bad habits and then walk on a clear path”.

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Anurag Johari July 9, 2018 at 10:24 pm

All is well if end is well 😉

Nayantika Srivastava
Nayantika Srivastava July 10, 2018 at 8:55 am


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