7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A New Car

Purchasing a new car may involve planning of years. A car provides travelling convenience and cuts down your expenses as you no more have to pay surge fares to rental cabs. An individual spends a considerable amount to purchase a car and, therefore, should consider some of the factors to make the expenditure count. If you desire to buy a new car, you should make an informed decision with a clear idea about the existing market trends.

In this market of a diverse variety of cars, it can be a challenging task to choose a suitable car for yourself. To make it easier, you may follow this check-list to avoid missing out on some important factors during the purchase of your car. Here are some of the aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a new car.

Budgeting and Comparison

The first constraints of buying a car are your budget and the requirement of car features. You may self-finance to buy the car or opt for a loan from the banks. Budgeting as per your plans is essential before investing in a new car.

Since the market is flooded with multiple cars offering diverse features, you should definitely research the features of the car you want to buy and gauge it with your requirements. In-depth research helps you to choose the most suitable car that is worth the investment.


One of the essential aspects to consider is the purpose of buying the car. How often do you want to use it? Gauze the usage of the car and select the features accordingly. Know your basic requirements to find the best-fit car for yourself. The number of seats, type of fuel and nature of a car can be the parameters of your requirements for the selection of the car.

Check the trade-in value

You may not keep the car for an extended period. Hence, you should check the trade-in value of the car before purchasing it. Sometimes the dealer of the car may offer you good trade-in value which eliminates the haggling at the time of dealership. Researching about the trade-in value provides you with a sense of value ahead of time.

Insurance policies and premium

You can easily find car insurance companies in India that offer adequate coverage at an affordable price. Since a valid car insurance policy is necessary for driving your car, you should research and plan ahead of time to select a suitable car insurance policy. Moreover, to make your work simple, you can go through Turtlemint’s list of best car insurance companies in India and choose a suitable plan.

Nowadays, it is easier to get the quotes for car insurance policies online just by providing a few information. Moreover, Car insurance policy is a recurring expenditure and thus, should be chosen carefully. Apart from the premium, you should check out the coverage, add-on covers offered and other terms and conditions of the car insurance policy you are planning to purchase.

Go for a Test Drive

Checking out the potential of the car before the purchase is a step that you cannot dare to forgo. It is essential to go for a test drive to check the working status of the car. It serves as an assurance that the car would not become a headache in the near future. A test drive gives you a clear idea about the engine performance of the car. The final purchase decision of the car would be determined by your level of comfort while driving it. It also provides a final check on how smoothly the car operates and if you are happy with the features of the car.

Check out car history

This is a mandatory check before purchasing a car. It would be best if you asked for all the details from the dealer about the car you are planning to purchase. You may also opt to check the customer reviews of the car. Since safety is an important aspect of the car to inspect, it is essential to check this aspect before making the purchase.

After-sales services

Just buying an efficient car does not allow you to sit back and relax until you are provided after-sales services. Nowadays, almost every car dealer provides after-sales service such as free maintenance service, towing facilities etc. You should have a word with the dealer about after-sales services before the final purchase of your desired car. You may also enquire about roadside assistance which you may require in case of a sudden breakdown of the car.

Apart from these factors, you should consider safety, type of fuel, nature of car (automatic or manual) and a thorough inspection of the car before purchasing a new car. Moreover, you should prepare for the proper documentation that you require to show at the time of purchase. Be aware of the documents such as the Registration Certificate (RC), a valid car insurance policy documents, Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate and make sure you carry a driving license when you drive your new car.

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