Benefits of Electric Scooters over Diesel and Petrol bikes


Electric scooters have gained much popularity these days as prices of diesel and petrol keeps booming day by day. Electric bikes possess many features like normal bikes along with saving money and environment. Many companies have recognized its importance and thus big brands are getting into manufacturing of these scooters in best prices. But, are there any advantage that electric bikes offer us as promised by its manufacturers? Let’s have a quick glance at few of its advantages that can make us prefer buying electric scooters over diesel and petrol ones.

Money Saver: This is the biggest advantage this vehicle can provide us as they totally run on electricity. Although these scooters may have similar purchasing cost like petrol and diesel ones, but in the long run, you will save a lot in fuel and other governmental surcharges like taxes and other miscellaneous fees.
Light Weighted: These scooters as compared to usual ones are lighter in weight as companies uses light parts in it so that energy is saved while riding it.
Environmental friendly: Electric cars and scooters biggest advantage is that they are environment friendly as they run without fuel and releasing any kind of smoke.
Low cost maintenance: Electric bikes does not have spark plugs, air filters or timing belts and thus there is no need to replace or maintain it timely.
No licence required: Electric scooters have got limited speed capacity that makes it very safe and easy to ride. Therefore, government has not mandated any driving licence for riding electric scooters.
Safety: Since electric bikes are light weighted with limited speed capacity, it is safer for the first-time riders or new learners.
Easy charging: Electric scooters comes with built in batteries that can be easily charged anywhere with special charges provided with scooters and a charging point. The cost of charging is also very minimal. However, the batteries need to be replaced after a certain point of time as per usage and battery capacity.
Although electric scooters have got many advantages, there are few disadvantages also that needs to be considered before taking any decisions regarding making purchases. Some electric scooters may take longer time than anticipated to get charged up. Moreover, these scooters take longer time to reach any destination due to its limited speed capacity. Therefore, they are more considered where demand is for shorter rides only.

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