Safe Travel: Tips for Families Traveling With Unvaccinated Children

Safe Travel

The COVID-19 upended world practices without warning and forced people to adopt new ways of living. People had no choice but to adopt new habits and follow the regulations set by the government. Things are now under control, thanks to the discovery of vaccinations. Still, the virus looms in the air. Healthcare workers advise people to exercise safety measures and follow SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures.

The sudden outbreak of the novel virus led to the closure of borders and put restrictions on travel. In addition, the uncertain constant evolution of the virus resulted in an alarming number of depression and anxiety cases. Now, many countries have lifted travel bans, albeit; introduced a new set of rules. Many individuals desire to go on a trip and spend time away from their homes. However, despite being fully vaccinated, CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, advises people to follow regulations and take precautions to stay safe. Families with children are vulnerable as kids cannot get vaccinated but can carry the virus. Parents need to be cautious while traveling with children and ensure that their children adhere to the rules.

Parents willing to take kids on travel want to learn more about the safety tips to ensure that they and their children enjoy the trip without encountering health issues. Some tips for families traveling with unvaccinated children are as follows:

1. Research about the Place you Intend to Visit

The COVID-19 is continually changing the situation. People need to research the places they intend to visit. They must take advantage of the Internet and learn about the virus’s safety protocols, rules, and intensity. Moreover, they should also search for avenues to consult if they contract the virus in another country.

Many countries have set different requirements for different nationals. Parents must see if they meet the criteria and can visit the place to avoid being deported. Similarly, they should search for proper accommodation and contact hotel representatives to acquire information about sanitation processes. Families visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee, can type hotels in gatlinburg tn in the search bar and pick one hotel that suits their dates and budgets. They can have a chat with hotel personnel and learn about the special protocols for unvaccinated children.

2. Make Kids Wear a Mask Properly

Children can be fussy, and during travels, most of them are unpredictable. Restlessness, jetlag, and change make them cranky, and they give their parents a hard time. Parents will have to work hard to ensure that their kids constantly wear masks, especially indoors. Most children say that they feel suffocated and pull the masks down whenever they can. Parents may need to figure out a temptation to make children cover their noses and mouths in-crowd. They can get their favorite cartoon characters’ masks or motivate them they look smart with their masks. Parents must try to counsel little older children and realize that it is for their safety.

3. Prefer Car Travel over Local Transport

Several people like to travel through local transport, mingling with locals and seeing the city up-close. They can feel the vibe of the place and eat authentic traditional local foods. However, with the virus deteriorating people’s health and claiming lives, they need to change tactics. While car travel or hiring a cab is also not a 100 percent safe option, children are comparatively secure in the bubble. Parents can talk to the driver, sanitize the car and take steps on the way when they feel like it. Furthermore, infants and toddlers can annoy other passengers and make their parents’ positions awkward. In cars, people are generally by themselves and efficiently handle their children’s tantrums while on a journey.

4. Maintain Distance

Scientists and healthcare practitioners cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining distance to keep them safe. People generally visit touristy places on their trips, and they are primarily overcrowded. Some children like to mingle up and do not mind befriending strangers, and while doing so, they may forget that they need to maintain distance. Several children are cute, and others want to cuddle them, kiss them or shake hands with them. Parents must politely yet firmly take a stand and keep children away from strangers in these testing times.

 Besides, it is a task to make children maintain distance from others, but parents must be ready to do the hard work. They should avoid crowded places with children and ensure they stay at least 2 feet away while standing in a queue.

5. Teach Children Proper Way of Washing Hands and Sanitization

A parent’s job is to inculcate values and teach good habits to children. Experts say that children learn more by observing than they do through lecturing. Parents must demonstrate the correct way to wash hands, that is, to wash them thoroughly for twenty seconds. Aside from washing hands, parents must also teach children how to sanitize and remind them to do so frequently. Most children love playing with water and can spend hours cleaning their hands. Parents may need to keep an eye on kids and accompany their young children to ensure that they do not waste water yet stay safe.

6. Choose Kids Activities Keeping SOPs in Consideration

Parents take their children on travel to show them different places and indulge in several outdoor activities. They must make their bid and search for sites that adhere to the safety rules. They can go to the parks. They allow only limited children, theme parks that sanitize after every ride, and a swimming pool for government-imposed SOPs. Although it is an added task on parents’ end, it is the need of the time and a must-do exercise for people on travel with kids.


The spread of coronavirus jeopardized many people’s travel plans as many governments administered lockdown and closed their borders. Today, the situation has improved considerably, and several governments have allowed traveling; however, they have introduced new laws. While adults are getting the vaccination, children are still at risk and can be carriers. Families with children need to be vigilant while traveling and ensure that kids comply with the SOPs.

Children can make a fuss over wearing a mask or maintaining distance. Moreover, people often let go of safety precautions on travel. The situation today is critical and is constantly evolving. People must keep in mind that the virus is far from over. They need to demonstrate even more diligence during travel to avoid the risk of contracting the virus.

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