5 Best Places You Need To Visit in 2021

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Lately we can all relate to how the days have all rolled into one. Recently, it has really made it hard for the average wanderlust traveller to go about their days filled with travel. But now with the broadened horizon that is in sight, when it comes to travel ability, we can now be hopeful of what we are able to achieve travel wise on the agenda to come. Let’s be real here, some of the most scenic locations have dried up and really lost their energy and spark, with the loss of air travel. Tourism is what brings locations to life around the world. So, with things moving again slowly, we can start planning for the beautiful travel spots we get to see over the next year.

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1. Mongolia, The Gobi Desert 

We thought to go really out there on our first suggestion of a trip, so why not a desert? The Mongolian Gobi Desert will offer multiple opportunities for social distance, we will give you that. If you are a person looking to embrace the silence and solitude, this location is the hotspot for you. There is nothing more humbling than the immersion of silence after all. For that reason, many spiritual seekers often make this trip as a moment and opportunity to meditate and reconnect through the stillness. 

When you get there, you will be able to walk up the mountain and soak in the bliss of nature, stars and fresh air. Being that there is very little population here, you will come to find that the air is not filled with pollution, so if you fancy stargazing at night, this would be the perfect place to do so!

It also may be worth mentioning due to the region being sparsely populated, COVID-19 did not affect the area massively at all, with only 214 confirmed cases and fall in numbers during the pandemic, this is definitely a safe spot to travel too, if you are looking to stay safe and far away from the very mention of the name of the virus!

2. New Zealand, The Great Walks 

New Zealand has a reputation for itself, ever since the Lord of the Rings filming crew disclosed that most of the scenes were filmed within the beautiful region of New Zealand. In addition to this, unlike other regions within the world, New Zealand was able to stop its curve of transmissions rising, and completely flatten it, due to its drastic lockdown measures immediately upon the first few recorded cases of transmission. Due to this, New Zealand have really managed to make ready for their tourism, in preparation for the event when borders all begin to open again. 

New Zealand currently is known for its amazing and untouched green lands that it provides across its vast landscapes. Before Covid even was a thing, many tourists would travel into New Zealand, with hopes of catching glimpses of the Great Walks and the beautiful location it is bestowed upon. 

If you happen to go, you will be able to trek across multiple hiking tracks all around the country, in which they all vary in difficulty. If you are a pro trekker, you will find all terrain perfect for your level of durability and stamina. However, if this is one of the first treks that you have managed to do in a while, and you are a little out of shape, there are shorter more scenic treks that can be ventured by yourself across the terrain of the Great Walks. If you have managed to cover all the Great Walks, why don’t you tackle the Abel Tasman Coast, while you’re in the region too?

3. Bolivia, Salar De Uyuni

The fact that all of the South American region have not done particularly well when it comes to flattening the curve, as you most probably have already read within vast media outlets like National Geographic, who cover population and epidemiology studies quite thoroughly. We have Bolivia as a region that holds some good news for those wishing to make a trip or too, when things die down on our side of things. Salar de Uyuni is an area that holds the largest Salt Flat in the world. Salar de Uyuni is one of the regions within Bolivia that does not hold that many cases to the rest of Bolivia, so you may feel safer, should you want to hit the area, yet remain doubtful of what to expect from it. It is not a highly populated area, meaning you will not need to socialise much, therefore making the concept of transmission super unlikely.

Other attractions you will find in Salar de Uyuni are the salt spas and hot springs within the area provide. You will find that being located within the remote mountain, it is very isolated and is not a location where many go to bathe. It has been taken command of by the local hotel owners, meaning you will not find just anyway strolling in there with you!

Just a word of warning before you book any trips to Bolivia, you will need to hire a jeep to travel across the area. Being that it is isolated and there is not much movement going on, in terms of people and transportation, you will find yourself stuck in one place otherwise. So, have the initiative to bring along some of your own transport options, so that you have the freedom to really explore Salar de Uyuni and its neighbouring small villages for yourself! 

To plan your trip here, make sure you check out local specialised travel agencies like Red Planet Expeditions, who will set you, your party and accommodation up very easily.

4. Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos has recorded less than 100 cases within its islands, despite Ecuador having cases in the thousands. This would be the perfect place to continue your trip, being that we were just in Bolivia 2 minutes ago, right? South America is truly a region that can lighten up that spark you have, when it comes to adventure and thrill seeking. Moving back onto the Galapagos islands, you can surround yourself with all walks of life over there. It is a known fact. David Attenborough himself has created a TV series with the BBC, in hope of educating people of the rarity of animals that exist along the shores and within the main land. You could call this your own real-time discovery, right? 

There is a cruise that operates across the islands, so you can see everything from the birdlife nesting within the cliffs of the shoreline, to the seals and walrus that doze in and out of the tides. This remote region really does have so much potential to kindle the traveller within you, it is just a case of discovering it for yourself really. Also, you have no need to worry about the other people who are on the boat too, due to the pandemic, a maximum of 12 people is allowed on the large boat, meaning you can safely distance from another and not have to worry about the thought of any possible transmission. Should you be able to get a party of 12, all within your party, there may be hope of landing a special price for yourself, as it is much preferred to tour parties who know each other than complete strangers to one another, due to the Covid regulations. 

5. Nepal, The Himalayas 

The region of Nepal is of the remotes in the world, not forgetting to mention that it is home to the largest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Many travellers purely go down the route of Nepal to trek up the face of the mountain, and first reach base camp. Yet, other than the attraction of the tallest mountain, there are beautiful and tranquil areas that are open for you to explore.

You will need to forgive the scarcity of coffee shops and all the luxuries that we often expect when travelling, as you will be faced with villages and the simplest of accommodation. Due to how remote the area actually is, there is no threat from the virus within local villages of Nepal. It is just the urban areas of Kathmandu that face the problems of the pandemic. It would be wise to tackle treks with a supervised trekker, who knows the surrounding regions and area, so make sure to book one that has had plenty of reviews and feedback from other wanderlust travellers such as yourself. It is always best to be safe than sorry really, right? In the isolated areas of the earth, you cannot exactly get air lifted within a matter of minutes if needs be…So, safety first!

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