A Checklist to Avoid Mistakes When Buying Ceiling Fans Online

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Finding the best ceiling fans for your home might seem like an easy task. But there are many factors associated with it. With a vast variety of options flooding the market, picking the best option to suit your requirements can be confusing. Moreover, it is incredibly important to find a fan that not just does the job but is also value for money. To be able to make this choice, it is important that you avoid a few mistakes that people commonly make while buying ceiling fans online. Let’s discuss a few of these mistakes that can prevent you from making the best choice while buying ceiling fans online.

 Not Considering the Room Size

One of the most significant things that determine the effectiveness of your ceiling fan is the size of your room. You would not want to get a ceiling fan that can not circulate enough air in the room. This is why it is crucial to pick a fan that is perfect for your room. You can use a meter scale or a measuring tape to measure your room size and pick a fan accordingly. The following table suggests the ideal fan size in accordance with some common room sizes.

Fan Size Room Size Room Type
29” – 36” Up to 75 sq. ft. Bathrooms, Utility Rooms
42″ – 48″ Up to 175 sq. ft. Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms
52″ – 56″ Up to 350 sq. ft. Large Bedrooms, Living Rooms

Not Considering Your Décor

Ceiling fans are available in a number of materials and designs. From wooden textures to patterned prints, there are multiple design options to choose from. This is why it is essential to pick a fan that goes with the décor of your room and adds to the aesthetic value of your space. A good option could be to invest in a classic piece that would go with different room designs so that when you change your room décor, your ceiling fan still looks great. For instance, the Luminous New York Manhattan Night Sky 1.2M Ceiling Fan is an excellent option in a classic combination of black & gold that would fit seamlessly with many design themes.

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Not Considering the Motor Strength

The motor of the ceiling fan plays a significant role in determining how efficiently it works. This is why it is essential to go for a fan with a well-built motor. A fan that is powered by an efficient motor can work smoothly and noiselessly and is also likely to be more durable.

Not Considering Energy Consumption

India faces extreme summers; this is why it is important to opt for a ceiling fan that consumes less energy. Going for an energy-efficient fan can help you save significantly on your monthly electricity bills. If you’re on the lookout for an effective but energy-efficient ceiling fan, the Jaipur Tamara Abu fan by Luminous could be a good option. This fan has been certified with a 3 Star Rating and consumes up to 40 per cent less energy.

These are some of the most commonly made mistakes while buying ceiling fans. By avoiding these simple mistakes, you can make the best choice for yourself and pick a ceiling fan that would work perfectly for you. Aside from these points, another factor that makes a world of difference is the brand you pick. In order to get your hands on a good quality product, you must choose a well-known brand such as Luminous. Brands like Luminous not only offer a wide variety of products to choose from, but they also ensure the quality and efficiency of your ceiling fans. So, visit their website to explore the options and pick the one that suits your requirements.

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