Three Technological Advancements That Will Change Online Betting

Three Technological Advancements That Will Change Online Betting

Technology has changed the world of online betting forever. Now bettors can lodge wagers in any location with a tap of their mobile devices. It has opened up pathways for in-play betting and to watch events as they unfold with live streaming available across leading providers.

As innovations continue there will be further advances for bookmakers and bettors to utilize. There are already fascinating progressions that could work their way into the mainstream as in-play betting and live streaming have successfully achieved.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence programs have been used elsewhere in the business, but are now transitioning to become part of sports wagering. One of these tools is being deployed to offer horse betting tips in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Using artificial intelligence, factors such as pedigree, form, weather, and conditions are input into a formula regarding a particular horse race. The tool then calculates the horse with the best chance of winning, offering the tip for users to bet on the contest.

It’s an interesting theory to determine success, and it could well spread further across the sporting world with its use of statistics, basing their verdicts off facts rather than a feeling or sentiment. There’s no reason why a sport such as baseball or basketball could not be adopted into the same system. It could well shift the balance towards bettors in their bid to get an edge over the bookmakers.

Virtual Reality

Live streaming has become an integral part of the offerings of bookmakers across the world to their customers. Those betting products that are not providing this service are behind the times. All operators are now looking to take the next step in the development of streaming services. Virtual reality could be the next frontier. It has not spread into the world of sports broadcasting yet, although they have been used sparingly in television studios for tactical breakdowns of soccer.

It’s not a matter of if VR is used for live events, it is a matter of when. Imagine a scenario when you can visualize a sporting event as it happens from the comfort of your own couch. Broadcast and betting companies will be striving to improve this technology to ensure that it becomes a reality soon enough, enhancing the viewing experience of their customers.


Cryptocurrency is becoming a global phenomenon as people are scrambling to invest in companies offering the service around the world as well as buying currency themselves. There are limitations to where you can first buy a cryptocurrency and secondly where you can spend your funds online. Few betting operators offer the service at the moment, but as it becomes commonplace across the world they will have to alter their stance to accept transactions using this currency.

There are many advantages of using cryptocurrency such as the speed and discretion of transactions. As the world of online betting spreads its reach across the globe, the use of one common currency will become vital in breaking ahead of rivals. The processing times for deposits and withdrawals will be eradicated, ensuring that all transactions are a smooth ride for customers.

These innovations are on the horizon and it will be fascinating to see how they change the betting landscape shortly.

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