Experiences are your real wealth

There are people who believe that money brings happiness. While there are others who feel that the small pleasures of life are worth much more than anything money can buy. Everybody perceives wealth differently. But the bottom-line is that money can’t get you any joy. Experiences can.

Don’t agree? Read on.

If you have ever noticed street kids play with a puppy, you’ll see what happiness is. If you have seen school children splashing around in puddles, you’ll get a glimpse of what sheer joy looks like. If you see a grandparent doting over a grand-kid, you’ll know how money isn’t required to be happy. How does a baby wrap his hand around your finger and make you feel warm and fuzzy? Why do players have tears in their eyes after a win?
These are all experiences. And you don’t need to spend money to live them. Probably that’s why they’re said to be priceless. And that is why it is possible that the rich are sometimes miserable but the poor can be happy even in tough times.

So doesn’t money bring happiness?

Of course it does. But money, in its original form does nothing for you. Neither do material possessions. One may say that buying a house, a car or jewellery does indeed give great satisfaction and joy.
Yes, it probably does. But does possession bring happiness or use?
You may have a car, but it is only a long drive or a road trip that will help you enjoy what you have. And this can be done in a tiny hatchback as well as a luxury sedan.
You may own expensive clothes. But you will only be happy owning them if you have a place or an occasion to wear them and go. And birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and friends cannot be bought. You may earn in five, six or seven figures, but that money will mean nothing unless you can enjoy a luxury vacation or cruise.

In the end, it is the drive; the occasion and the trip that is bringing you happiness. It is an Experience, not money in itself.
A child saves his pocket money for a whole year to buy a gift for his parents or for his sister’s birthday. Is he happy with all the money he has collected? May be. Is he happy when the money goes towards buying a gift? Probably. But he will feel joyful only when he presents the gift. That is an experience.
You may have the resources to dine at the most expensive restaurants of the world. But is sitting at that table going to give you joy? You will be happy only when you travel to places; put popular delicacies or gourmet food on your tongue and enjoy it. That’s an experience.
You might be able to book a private film screening for yourself. But you won’t enjoy watching the movie sitting alone in an empty cinema hall. And good company cannot be bought. Movie night at a friend’s crash pad will definitely make you happy. Because that is an experience.
Whether you drink from a fine bottle of sparkling water, or directly from a waterfall; it is the experience that brings happiness.

And what about the dark days?

There is so much give and take of material wealth during weddings and festivals in our country. But does that ensure support? Will friends and relatives be there in times of need or illness?
You won’t feel good all alone in an expensive super-speciality clinic even if you can afford it. But having your loved-ones around might hasten your recovery.
You can spend obscene amounts on doctors, lawyers, finance consultants, and others to get you through bad times. But you won’t feel less stressed unless a loved one holds your hand and promises unconditional support.
True wealth cannot be counted. It is a feeling. Money is just a dynamic factor affecting your life. But experiences will ignite your emotions. Experiences will help you connect with yourself. Experiences will make you happy. And that is all that matters. The rest is just noise!

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