Why Go for Dossier’s Ambery Sage

Why Go for Dossier’s Ambery Sage

Nothing feels better than being known as the person who always smells good. It is a comment that we all appreciate receiving. Your smell shapes your personality. It plays a critical role in your style and says more than your clothes. However, finding a signature fragrance that fits your preferences and lifestyle is challenging. But worry not because Dossier’s Ambery Sage might just be your perfect choice.

Dossier is one of the top perfume brands that aims to ensure everyone has access to premium fragrances. At Dossier, we give you access to clean, long-lasting, ethically sourced, 100% vegan premium perfumes.

We have up to 15 unique scent families which act as a foundation for every fragrance they develop. Among the high-end fragrances is Ambery Sage, inspired by Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous perfume.

The Ambery Sagefragrance

Inspired by Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous perfume, our Ambery Sage fragrance is intense, luxuriously self-indulgent, and intoxicating. It is a fragrance that doesn’t compromise the quality of raw materials.

The perfume offers an intense textural scent that opens up to a blend of bitter almond, lavender, and dense sage. The highly expressive leathery notes, orris, and vanilla are at the heart of the perfume. In the background, the luscious fragrance is warmed by blond woods, tonka bean, and amber notes. Indeed, Ambery Sage offers a signature fragrance that is exhilarating and unforgettable.

Why Go for Dossier’s Ambery Sage

Despite drawing inspiration from Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous perfume, there are several reasons to choose our Ambery Sage fragrance as your signature fragrance. These include:


Our company was founded with a mission to increase the accessibility of premium fragrances. Therefore, we cannot overlook the price markups that exist in the traditional industry. Most perfume brands have overpriced their products due to pricy packaging and celebrity endorsements.

That’s why at Dossier, we offer perfumes that are most similar to the famous ones at a lower price. Our Ambery Sage fragrance draws inspiration from the famous Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous perfume. Therefore, it offers similar quality at an affordable price.

Allows for layering

Additionally, you can combine the Ambery Sage fragrance with another fragrance to create a complimentary blend. This can be done by spraying one perfume after another to create a dreamy scent. To create a bold and unexpected blend, you can blend the Ambery Sage perfume with our Woody Chestnut or Powdery Tobacco fragrances.


Moreover, ordering the Ambery Sage, among other fragrances you wish to try, eliminates any associated risks. All orders from our stores are risk-free and returnable whether you have the sample or not. You get to try each sample fragrance without any commitment. You can test the whole bottle without any consequences if you do not receive a sample.

After finding a fragrance you wish to keep, you can return the other bottles within 30 days with no questions asked. All accepted returns are fully refunded based on the purchase price. So, you can choose the scent that best matches your style risk-free.

Having the right fragrance that complements your lifestyle and preference is a plus; at Dossier, we focus on helping you find it. So, if you are exploring a new way of consuming perfumes, we are here to help. Contact us to find a fragrance that was made for you.

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