Homophones making life miserable

The English language is truly very confusing and word power is not everybody’s thing! You have often seen what hilarious results ensue when one misspells, especially with autocorrect these days.
Take a look at these common Homophones (words that sound similar but are spelt differently) which if not paid attention to while writing or typing, can cause you quite an embarrassment.
1. Mail/Male
Imagine reading a text that says “We will send you a male.”
 2. But/Butt
3. Sell/Cell
Do you want to sell your cell? (Cell is used instead of Cell phone but it is also means a jail cell.)
4. Sole/Soul
Although it won’t make you go red in the face if you use this wrong, it nevertheless mixes two things that are really far apart- one below your feet and the other inside you!
5. Hole/Whole
You remember ‘Polo- the mint with a Hole’ and of course Whole Wheat Bread that you probably buy every week.
6. Buy/Bye
Autocorrect definitely gets us into trouble with this one.
7. Their/There/They’re
It is just so annoying when these are mixed up right?
8. Your/ You’re
9.  Bear/Bare
It is a Teddy Bear guys, and it is generally Bare too. LOL
Though Winnie the Pooh wears a t-shirt.
10.  Desert/Dessert
No, I do not prefer sand as a sweet dish. And Thar is definitely not a dessert.
11. Loose/Lose
Lose your watch? Loose watch? Watch out!
12. Break/Brake
Let’s take a Brake? Noooooo. You’ll end up in a puddle with your bike. And won’t be able to Break a Leg either!
13. Price/Prize
14. Race/Raise
You run it. You belong to it. Or you do it. Take your pick.
(Race is actually a Homograph- words that sound and are spelt the same but have different meanings. Just like Cell.)
15. Hear/Here
16. Plain/Plane
17. Stare/Stair
18. Blew/Blue
19. Hour/Our
20. Compliment/Complement
“You and your spouse truly complement each other.” That’s a great compliment.
The list can go on. Feel free to comment with the ones you find funny or commonly misused.
And do check out the next piece on Homographs!

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Saurabh Mangar June 8, 2018 at 9:53 am

interesting topic and first example is horrible

Sailee Brahme June 8, 2018 at 10:27 am

Thank you. The example is real. Even the ‘free’ example in the next article has actually happened.

Shwetank Gupta June 9, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Hey, that was something surprising and we need more content like this!

Sailee Brahme June 9, 2018 at 7:08 pm

I’ll work on it

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