Cam Sites Are Now More Popular Than Ever Even in a Post Lockdown World

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In 2020, much of the world was under orders to stay at home. This was to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Globally, there have been 213 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 4.4 million deaths as reported by WHO.

Self-isolation prompted by lockdown and social distancing led to mass unemployment. But a few industries fared better. One of those industries is the adult cam industry. Traffic to adult cam sites such as CamSoda, MyFreeCams, Stripchat, and more grew with the US accounting for the biggest share of the audience.

Every day, about 5% of global internet users visit adult cam sites. As such, the sites are generating more than $1 billion in revenue. Post lockdown, the live cam shows continue to grow as the traditional subscription porn shrinks.

Cam sites are the new hot thing, and here is why.

#1. Appeals to More Viewers

Porn has long been a tool for people to enjoy and explore their sexual fantasies. However, sociologists point out that conventional porn only offers a rough approximation. This is because actors and producers create porn videos to appeal to the general audience and not the viewer’s specific fantasies.

In 2018, internationally recognized sex educator, Justin Lehmiller conducted a 4,000 person study. What he discovered from the 350 question survey was that there are 7 main sexual fantasies. One of those fantasies is multi-partner sex. Group sex is the most common sexual fantasy for Americans.

The idea of multiple partners having sex with your favorite porn star is a turn-on. Orgies, threesomes, and the like create a sensory overload for viewers than in solo or two-some sessions. Adult cam sites offer a different experience.

They allow performers to interact with viewers in real-time. Viewers can see actors perform their fantasies. As such, they ideally pay for what they see. This is a big part of why adult cam sites are popular post lockdown.

#2. Models Give Viewers More Attention

If you recently browsed around a free porn site, it’s hard to find material that you can enjoy thoroughly. Most of the videos are repetitive, and if you find material that suits your fantasies, it’s short – not more than 2 minutes in length. Basically, you spend several minutes looking for material only to get disappointed eventually.

Thankfully, there is an outlet where you can find content that you can enjoy. In fact, you can request the entertainer for private sessions. During the performance, you can chat with her while she does what you want. Well, that’s how adult cam shows work.

Adult camming is not like any other sex work, including porn. On adult cam sites, not only do models get paid for solo shows. But they get tipped to chat and create topics. Some of the topics are not even sexual in nature. In fact, most viewers just want to hang out and listen to models talking.

When models chat with their viewers, a mutual memory builds. This is how personal and meaningful camming relationships emerge. As humans, we need to socialize by speaking to someone, and open up without judgment. People open up to cam models without fear as they offer a virtual girlfriend experience who gives attention only to the viewer.

#3. Increased Earnings

Cam models are experiencing significant growth in interest and income. According to the New York Post, a Miami-based cam model, Josyln Jane reported taking in $1,700 post lockdown. This was more than she was earning pre-pandemic – $1,050. Business is booming for cam models as millions continue to relieve their pandemic anxiety.

The internet is already saturated with free porn, and people would rather pay or tip an entertainer to perform acts for them. Some people want to see a cam model dressed in a sexy dress, and singing a song or marching while saluting. Finding such a video on conventional porn sites is challenging.

Other people tip to get attention. Their fantasy is that the cam model is their virtual mistress or girlfriend. By tipping, viewers receive more attention and even unique acts and performances. This is the reason why some of the best adult cam sites have wishlists.

Viewers will purchase items from their wishlist. When they arrive, models will take videos and pictures then send them to the viewer who purchased the item. Due to this, performers are making more money from the comfort of their homes. In a survey of 655 active webcam models, researchers sought to find out how much they earn.

They found out that the average webcam model earns $1,043 from an 18-hour workweek. Top earning models in the US earn as much as $6,000 per week, while beginner models earn as little as $100 per week. From the data above, the average cam models earn $58.77 per hour.

#4. Happens in the Safety of the Model’s Home

Webcamming happens behind closed doors in the performer’s home. Since webcam models are on the side of the screen, no one can hurt or touch them. It’s much safer to work as a webcam model as one does not have to interact physically with strangers.

While viewers cannot harm a cam model physically, they can do so online. To protect yourself, never share any personal information such as your real name, social media handle, or where you live. Use an alias instead of your real name. This is the golden rule of keeping your identity private.

There is no instance where you need to use your real name as a webcam model. Doesn’t matter how much the viewer promises to pay you or how sweet they are, never give out your real name. You should also avoid sharing your birthday, where you live, your day job, or where you went to high school or college. It’s now easier to find information online thanks to search engines.

You should also make sure that your background is neutral. Yes, you are safe in your home, but posters, photos, and window views are possible clues about you. The more neutral your background is, the safer you are. When it comes to email for communication, have a separate email for your webcam communications.

Do not use or reuse old emails. Using old emails makes it easy for others to find you online. This new email should serve as your registration to all adult cam sites. If a viewer wants to send a gift certificate, share that email.

#5. Not Always About Sex

The social and economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is devastating. Tens of millions of people may fall into extreme poverty. The pandemic triggered several mental health conditions and even exacerbated existing ones. Many people are facing increased insomnia, drug use, and anxiety.

Due to the isolation, people turned to adult cam sites. Unlike porn, adult cam sites allow viewers and performers to interact. Not only via the camera but chat and messaging systems. In camming, the sex component is losing its importance.

Viewers are now looking for entertainment, social interaction, and friendship. While many viewers may join chat rooms and watch shows to masturbate, the majority stay to talk and hang out with the model. Webcam models establish a good rapport with viewers who come back to see her perform again. They also tip generously every time they return.

Basically, live cam shows have become relationship services. As such, a charming and creative personality is a must. The rest are secondary.

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