TOP-5 Romantic Places in Kyiv for Dating

Romantic Places in Kyiv

Kyiv is rated as one of the oldest towns in Eastern Europe and dates back more than 1,500 years. With a thousand-year history, unique natural landscapes, World Heritage sites, Kyiv is a phenomenon of universal culture and has a significant potential of attractiveness for cultural and recreational tourism.

According to the opinion of the best beauties of the country, whose profiles you can find by following the link, Kyiv is considered the most charming city in Ukraine, and the lovers have a great opportunity to express their feelings here. This article will cover the 5 most romantic and mysterious places where you should definitely invite your loved one on a date.

Landscape Alley and Ancient 400-Year Linden

Landscape Alley is one of the most beautiful corners of Kyiv. It is modern art, magic, incredible fantasies, and fairy tales at the same time. Organizing a romantic date on Landscape Alley is a great idea because it is extremely beautiful there at any time of the year. Being on the heights of Starokyivska Mountain, lovers have the opportunity to admire the picturesque landscapes of Podil. The atmosphere here is romantic and refined, even if the weather is gloomy or it is raining.

Today’s Landscape Alley is a real fairy tale with many sculptures of giant cats-centipedes, sparrows, zebras, elephants, and so on.

Opposite the Historical Museum, you can see a 400-year-old linden tree, which, according to legend, helps lovers to go through the difficulties of life and strengthen their feelings.

Bridge of Lovers

The Bridge of Lovers in Kyiv is a park bridge that connects Kreschaty Park with Tsar’s Park. This bridge is considered one of the best places for dating in Kyiv. Lovers regularly confess their love there and make an offer of a hand and a heart. On the bridge, you can see many locks, which confirm the sincere love of lovers.

It is believed that if a loved one walks with his beloved on the Bridge of Lovers in Kyiv, the couple will live happily ever after and will never divorce.

Fountain of Wishes

The five-meter Fountain of Wishes adorns the wall of one of Kyiv’s hotels near Mykhailivska Square. This place is quite original for romantic dates. The fountain consists of 21 bronze bowls covered with a thin decorative sheet of gold with the image of the Greek goddess Nike. The head of the griffin, from which water is constantly pouring, is located above each bowl.

The Fountain of Wishes is regularly visited by residents and tourists just to take photos, and make wishes in this magical place. Lovers throw coins into the fountain and make a wish for eternal love.

Andrew’s Descent and Castle Hill

Andrew’s Descent is rightly considered to be the second most popular (after Khreshchatyk) street in Kyiv, which is located in Podil. This place is very mysterious and romantic, some even call it a museum. If you look into all the courtyards in Andrew’s descent, you can get great pleasure from walking. St. Andrew’s Church, which was built by order of Empress Catherine ΙΙ, a park with amazing sculptures by Ivan Kavaleridze, Richard’s Castle, etc. are located here.

When walking along Andrew’s Descent, you should definitely visit Castle Hill, because it is the favorite place of romantics. This hill, which has a thousand-year history and a height of 80 meters, offers a stunning view of the Dnieper and Podil.

Motherland Monument

One of the highest points in the city is the Motherland Monument. You should definitely visit here if you want to combine romance with extreme. Climb the shield is not so easy. First, you need to get to the lower observation deck. Then use a vertical elevator that moves at an angle of 25 degrees. As a result, to get to the shield, you should walk up the steep stairs that run through the hand of the sculpture. The observation deck is not very large, but it offers a magnificent view of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Dnieper, and the city as a whole.

As you can see, there are amazing places in Kyiv that must be visited by lovers. Choose one of them and spend your romantic dating there!

Other romantic places in Ukraine you may find here.

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