Know How to Get Fancy Mobile Numbers in Bsnl

Fancy mobile numbers are most sought after in India after vehicle numbers. It has a catchy rhyme when we say the number and attracts others immediately due to repetitive numbers. It is not just easy to memorise but also easy to share because of the unique combination. For many people, a fancy mobile number has become a status symbol just like other assets.

What are fancy mobile numbers?

Many of you must have seen mobile numbers with the last few digits having ‘007’ or consecutive numbers like ‘4567’ included in between. Most of the times, business professionals or business owners pay a hefty amount to own a fancy mobile number of their own choice and convenience. While some calculate the number total to match their numerology requirements, others may like to have a fancy mobile number consisting of their birth date numbers. For me, it good to have a fancy mobile number particularly when we are not breaking any rules or regulations like stealing it from anyone else. Rather, we buy them from trusted sources selling fancy mobile numbers available online. If you can afford it, it’s like a luxury, why not have it to flaunt?

How to get a fancy mobile number in BSNL online?

Many online agencies like and apps offer to buy and selling of fancy numbers that can be used by Indian citizens to make calls in India. Though you need to recharge them separately and may have to spend around 500-1500 INR initially. To buy a fancy mobile number in bulk, you will have to pay more than having a single number. To register a fancy mobile number in BSNL online, follow the below-given steps:

  • Look for your favourite fancy mobile number that suits your needs and personality.
  • Once the desired number is chosen, make payments and proceed.
  • After doing the payment, you will receive a UPC or Unique Porting Code with an invoice within the first 24 hours in your registered mobile number.
  • To get the sim card with your fancy mobile number, you have to visit a telecom shop offering BSNL sim cards and port your number. The number can be ported to BSNL under your name and address

Guidelines to buy BSNL fancy number through BSNL mobile app and CYMN Portal

If you wish to buy a BSNL fancy mobile number, you can visit the official website of BSNL and select any fancy number available online. At present, BSNL is the only government company that provides its esteemed buyers with a fancy number without any additional costs. Though they need to follow certain guidelines as follows:

  • You can select only one number from the available slot a day.
  • After selecting only one number, an SMS will be sent to your registered phone number with 7 digits code valid for 96 hours only.
  • You will then have to input this code into the BSNL website or app and confirm that the selected number is taken.
  • Now you are free to visit the nearest BSNL branch or service centre. Give them the detail and the code received via SMS to receive the selected number sim card. They might ask you for some necessary documents and payment of the tagged price before releasing the new connection.
  • The selected number will be activated as per requirement under prepaid or post-paid schemes.
  • You might not be charged for selecting a number though a fancy number having special characteristics might cost you nominal charges as shown on their website in addition to normal sim card charges.
  • The choice of BSNL fancy numbers is available for every Indian which means, you can have BSNL fancy number at any state by booking it from your mobile phone.

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