Is It Possible To Get An Essay In One Minute?


The real importance of writing cannot be measured. Such tasks are not only used by professors to see how much you know about a certain subject but affect a lot of sectors of your life, especially when you are going to start studying at the university. And both completing such tasks and developing your writing skills are crucial for your life.

However, it is not a secret that they are pretty hard and require a lot of time and attention to minor and major details. So today, we are going to review the website, which comes as a method to ease the challenge. Let’s overview PaperTyper and see how you can use it for your benefit.

What Is PaperTyper Itself?

When we first visited this website, we saw a lot of information about it. In fact, it was pretty uncommon to see a writing service that is not trying to sell you something immediately. And that is a good sign.

A brief look at the data about it gave us a clear image that this website is not only a decent solution but a reliable and safe place in the current writing market. Only reading the reviews will be pretty enough to see that this essay writer service is fine.

But we are here not to read the reviews but to learn more about the services. So let’s start our work with this site.

Essay Typer: AI that will create a great sample

Essay Typer is the first AI tool you will see on the website. The developer team put a lot of effort into it, and they do not want anyone to miss it. Why so? Well, let’s find out.

The Essay Typer tool is an AI tool that generates essays and is focused on the exact information you request. This way, all you have to do is to give the topic you need a paper about. We decided to test it out to see how good it was.

The algorithm of work with Essay Typer

At first, we were surprised by how simple it works. In fact, to use the basic version of this tool, you only have to mention a topic or keywords. What did amuse us is that we did not have to register to use the regular version.

We wanted to test this AI tool fully and found the following great options:

  • First, we decided to generate an essay based on keywords. We have chosen ‘Electricity’ to see what the website will do. And it generated a proper paper according to all standards. Later you can use it as a sample.
  • Secondly, we decided to work with a more specific topic. We asked the AI to give us a paper about the impact of electricity. And it did well again! We received a nice essay, and after 5 minutes of editing, it was fully great and ready to be sent.

But when we decided to go with an even more complicated topic, such as ‘The impact of electricity in Ohio,’ we realized that the basic tool could not give you a proper paper. So there is another AI solution for this situation.

What can upgraded Essay Typer give you?

The upgraded version of Essay Typer met us with a nice and simple interface. Here, we can see that the only thing enough is to specify your demand. Our request, ‘Write an essay about the impact of electricity in Ohio,’ was completed the best way possible. It was the next level of essay, which, in some cases, professional writers cannot complete. A ton of reviews from other users claimed that this AI tool works great.

When we received a paper, we started looking for a ‘Pay’ button. But we saw that the first 300 words come for free. And when we decided to get more words, we saw that you can buy 4000 words for only $5! It is just astonishing.

We decided to test the program, and we got 10 essays, which were, on average, 370 words. This is just amazing. We had almost 300 words left, which would be enough to write 70% of your next paper. However, if you have a completed paper, you can try other AI tools that you can benefit from.  

What Else Can This Website Give You?

We decided to focus on other AI tools that improve your writing, and we were not disappointed. They provided us with a huge range of solutions, which are focused on the enhancement of your completed paper.

  • First, we tried Grammar Checker. It is simple to use. Paste your text, start the check, and see all the suggestions. We saw that it takes every single minor nuance of your paper and fixes it. But you do not have to change anything if you do not need it.
  • Secondly, we tried Plagiarism Checker, which just showed all the plagiarism in the paper. In our generated papers, the uniqueness was 90%, which is pretty decent.
  • And Citation Generator came in handy when we decided to paste some citations into our papers. We just found the related books and asked the program to give us a finished citation according to the style we used.

Also, you should pay attention to Knowledge Bank. It is a huge database of useful information about writing, and even we found something interesting for us. The writers of these articles pay attention to modern writing tendencies, so you will always be aware of any changes in the modern writing world.

Why PaperTyper Is A Great Solution?

PaperTyper is a great writing service that is focused not only on making the lives of students much easier but also on giving you more options to make your skills better.

With this essay writer website, you can find a lot of solutions for having successful papers. You can rely on AI tools to complete and improve an essay for you. As a bonus, you will also learn more about the process with the help of Knowledge Bank. Just try this service, and we guarantee that you will return to use these tools on a regular occasion.

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