Top List of The Fastest Football Players In The World

Top List of The Fastest Football Players In The World

Speed is a key for the success of a football team. If you are interested in the list of the fastest players in the world, let’s follow this article! 


In addition to the skilled football techniques, the speed is the advantage of football players in football tournaments. A good footballer not only requires good physical strength and virtuosity in  technique but also the ability to move quickly. The speed will give him many advantages in competing, dribbling and scoring goals against the net of the competitor. 

In the world, there are many players with fast running speed along with skilled football techniques that make it difficult for the opponent’s defense to follow. See the full live football matches at and check the list below, you will be surprised at the speed of the following players. 

Top Fastest Football Players in the World

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (38.6 km/h) – The fastest player in the world

The highest position in the ranking list should belong to the handsome Portuguese superstar – Ronaldo. He possesses an impressive list of achievements for the club and the national team he participates in. Besides the virtuosic football techniques, it is the super speed of running which can be overcome unstoppably from the home court to the opponent’s goal area. 

In the 3-3 draw with Spain recently, Ronaldo officially broke the record of Robben – the fastest player at that time. At the age of over 30, Ronaldo still has stable performance and always tries to set new records for world football. By his age, many players have stepped away from the career ladder, while CR7 is an exception e. 

2. Arjen Robben – 37 km/h

Arjen Robben is also a name that needs to be mentioned in the list of  fastest players. Although Arjen Robben is not as fast as Ronaldo, he also surprises the whole world with the running speed of 37 km/h. This is the strength that makes his opponents worry when facing directly with him. 

Arjen Robben is a player from the Netherlands and became famous in the 2000-2001 Dutch Championship. This is the time his ability and strength captured attention from experts. Arjen Robben participated in many major football seasons in the world and has many impressive achievements. In the Netherlands’ 5-1 victory over Spain in Group B of World Cup 2014, Robben rushed past Ramos and the defense of Gaur to shoot Casillas.

3. Gareth Bale – 36,9 km/h

Gareth Bale is a player from Wales and he plays as a midfielder for the Real Madrid club. His soccer technique is personal but still has a combination with his teammates to break the defense and score goals. Especially, the ability to move quickly is what Gareth Bale possesses.

In the final match of the King’s Cup against Barcelona team in 2014, he record in the football history is a fantastic goal at the speed of 36.9 km/h. It turned the center defender Marc Bartra into a reluctant clown. 

4. Orlando Berrio – 36 km/h

Another bright candidate is Orlando Berrio who is Flamingo’s anonymous winger. He impresses spectators by his  ability to accelerate and complete 15 meters in just 2 seconds in the match with San Lorenzo.

With good playing techniques and a strong body, this guy easily surpasses the rival. He can run at up to 36 km/h to perform professional dribbles over the competitors.

5. Jurgen Damm – 35.2 km/h

Young midfielder Jurgen Damm is well-known with the nickname “running machine”. At 35.2 km/h, he has been compared to Gareth Bale and is in the top fastest players. 

However, during the season when he was still at Tigres UANL, he only had 7 assists with a small number of minutes in the field despite his incredible movement speed.

6. Antonio Valencia – 35.1 km/h

Antonio Valencia is a familiar name with experts and fans because of the fastest player achievement in the world in two consecutive years – 2015 and 2016. With impressive running speed and professional playing techniques, Valencia has contributed to the success of the national team as well as the club he has participated in.

Especially, in the English derby in the season of 2012/2013, Valencia had a speeding phase, making two players of Liverpool City team a joke. In the speed of 35.1 km/h, the Ecuadorian star was worthily one of the fastest players in the world of all time.

7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 32,7 km/h

In the top of the fastest players, we can not ignore Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. While playing for the Dortmund club, Aubameyang scored the goals for the team thanks to the awesome speed  and superior football technique. Ever since joining the Arsenal club, he has not let the team down. Also, he usually assists the team in achieving high positions on the world rankings.

In addition to Aubameyang, the Arsenal team has another super speeding player like Walcott (32.7 km/h). However, after many years of injury, this guy’s speed has  somewhat decreased.

8. Lionel Messi – 32.5 km/h

Messi is also among the top fastest players in the world. Although his running speed is not as good as these players above, Messi still often makes the defenders struggle to follow by  speeding up in short distances. 

According to the statistics of football experts, Messi has a movement speed of about 32.5 km/h. This speed made the rival’s defense struggle to chase his heel. With the spectacular tricks, fast speed and flexible movement, Messi makes fans get excited and look forward to every time he appears.


The above is all information about the fastest running football players in the world. Football is very interesting and the players are all skillful and flexible. They are people who bring the great time we expect for the world football.

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