How the Pandemic Changed People’s Sexual Habits

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Sex has always been perceived as a really working natural antidepressant. No wonder that people all over the world haven’t lost their interest in intimacy during the coronavirus pandemic. Taking into account the meaning of those weird words like “lockdown,” “quarantine,” and so on, it is also reasonable that their preferences and habits about sex changed. Nobody knows if it is going to remain like that forever, but in late 2020, the influence of COVID-19 on people’s sexual habits can be visible even despite all the privacy of this topic.

Of course, the demand for dating platforms is growing, but before picking the right one for you, check snapsext review or any other website’s review to make sure it meets your needs. Maybe, profile owners tend to avoid live contacts, but the possibilities for spending good times online allow keeping their interest and drive at high levels. Though, every person, regardless of their family status and gender, had to adjust to new conditions to remain sexually satisfied. And here is how they solve an issue.

Sex Toys: Overwhelming Popularity

The pandemic set global limitations for any physical contact. It means technologies are more critical for sex nowadays than they used to be ever before. The overall sales of sex toys all over the planet show that people tend to buy them up to 100-200% more frequently.

It may be wondering now, but the industry experts and representatives hadn’t been expecting a lot when the pandemic was only beginning. They didn’t think anyone would spend money to get expensive sex devices regarding the fact of global economic instability.

The reality turned out different. Trying out new toys became a perfect activity for many couples and singles. Unlike online exercising classes, going in for toy sex does not bring any obligations. And along with that, it is a great way to distract from the depressing isolated reality behind the window while staying at home.

WowTech, the company from Canada, demonstrated one of the highest peak growths for their adult toy sales. Clients from all over the planet bought 263% more of their devices during the lockdown.

It’s something like buying food supplies at the grocery store. You might need a particular product in the future, even if you weren’t frequent enough to buy it in the past. Sales analysts can understand that a client made a long-term investment when they see the person ordering five and more devices at once. And there are two to four anal plugs included in that order.

Most frequent purchases:

  • Vacuum clitoris stimulators. The impulsive wave stimulation prevents clitorises from getting rubbed. It means a female can experience multiple orgasms one by one. Isn’t that a sexual habit change for many women?
  • Pocket UV sterilizers. These are suitable not only for sex toys but anything else. Of course, the global demand for disinfection and sterility is the main reason. During the pandemic, a person’s life becomes cleaner, and so does their sex.
  • Remote control toys. You knew that, didn’t you? These are especially great for couples staying apart because of global lockdown restrictions. Yes, girls can be pleased with the opportunity to let their boyfriend control their vibrator. That’s possible with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology nowadays. And it is excellent.

Online Sex Parties and Dates

During global lockdowns, many started looking for a date not only with dating websites and Internet pubs. Videogames became suitable platforms, too. A lot of Internet users felt it challenging to keep up with playing their usual online roles because their isolation made them look for small talk.

A small talk is highly likely to turn into a sex date in many cases if the right conditions are kept. The quarantine helped people start using dating apps and sites more frequently. Cyber-flirting and “sexting” that used to be considered as something freaky in the past became regular and normal during the pandemic.

There appeared studies explaining that online dates and sexual experiences help people with improving their fantasy and increasing their confidence in their bodies. Lovers being together online, but staying apart physically can learn themselves in a calm and comfortable way. Additionally, they are more likely to share and realize their hidden wishes. The usual offline intimacy might not let them feel an equal sense of personal freedom.

The idea of online sex parties is probably the most excellent demonstration of human creativity about the topic. A person willing to join the party will be asked to pay for access. Of course, there is a dress code and face control. However, masks are allowed if you want to remain anonymous.

Visitors are free to choose the format of their leisure. It is possible to go in for common dancing or go private with a stranger in a separate website zone.

The event by the British gay club of SBN is among the most famous and massive online sex parties known during the quarantine: about three thousand men attended the video chatting party within a single night. They were dancing, flirting with each other, and of course, having virtual sex.

And no social distance rules were broken!

Webcam Erotic Chat: Is the Industry Growing?

Yes. We all know delivery services and medical mask producers to earn massive money during the pandemic. However, there is another business on the rise: webcam erotic chatting.

Obviously, the severe lockdown conditions made people visit such sites more frequently. As a result of rapidly changed economic situations in many countries, the need to earn money without going outside brought more models to webcam businesses.

For instance, OnlyFans, one of the most popular model sites allowing users to download their porn photos and videos, reported that their account registration raised by more than 70 percent. It’s the equivalent of 4 000 000 new users. A massive boost! Not to mention that porn actors and actresses, striptease dancers, and sex industry workers are also developing their professional skills and exploring new markets: they choose online instruments and opportunities to keep incomes.

However, the massive growth of traffic does not mean the income of webcam models to grow equally. As one of the models explained to Forbes, there are more people trying to sell their content than those who want to buy it. Additionally, it takes more effort from models to get their viewers: original concepts and special shows are success keys not everyone is able to think out correctly.

Physiologically, webcam models can feel safer than real-life sex workers. Still, safety is not guaranteed to many people who aim to earn money in that online business. The confidentiality of models is frequently threatened: it’s easy for a random viewer to make a video and then use the materials for blackmail purposes.

Topical Porn Movies

The topic of coronavirus has been among the hottest ones for the media since late 2019. However, people don’t feel enough with that information due to some reason. What do they want to see in addition?

That’s right! Topical porn movies became incredibly popular. For instance, there were more than 9 million “COVID-19” requests sent by users to the PornHub site within the first 30 days of a global lockdown.

Of course, protective suits, masks, and general hospital topics influenced the sexual fantasies of people all over the world. That’s not too shocking: probably everyone dreamed of having a good time with a sexy nurse.

To Conclude

In some ways, the development of sexual habits during the pandemic proved that the entire humanity is able to get and deliver satisfaction without physical contact. Still, it is impossible to understand the long-term consequences of such experiences.

On the one hand, it might be just another simple opportunity to gain some joy, fun, and happiness. It is alright for everyone to look for sexual satisfaction wherever possible, and the global pandemic only boosted some of the ways to get it on demand.

On the other hand, the current situation may lead to a global sex rethinking. Hanging out online may become simpler than the traditional way to make love, as it does not require social contacting. Moreover, online dating is absolutely safe and free of the most unwanted consequences. Will it be good or bad if humanity’s sex preferences get changed that much? Nobody can know the answer to that question.

However, what we should surely understand after analyzing the influence of pandemic on people’s sexual habits is that healthy sexuality can go beyond any limits. Sexual desire, passion, and delight is an iceberg. An iceberg with only its peak visible.

The more significant part is hidden underwater. Just like everyone’s sexuality is sleeping somewhere deep inside hearts, minds, and souls. But sooner or later, it will find a way out, even in the conditions that seem to be the least suitable for chatting, dating, getting pleasure, and delivering it.

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