6 Unique Color Decisions for a Halloween Party


Although Halloween is a celebration of vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, and other evil guys, we prefer to associate it with creatively “carved” pumpkins, spooky costumes, all kinds of sweets, and stunning colorful decorations made of ribbons, draperies, LED garlands, and, of course, mega-popular Halloween Mylar and foil balloons like these https://balloons.online/holiday-mylar-and-foil-balloons/halloween-mylar-and-foil-balloons/!

Like any flashy event, Halloween has its traditional color palette — orange, black, purple, red, green, and white. Let’s take a look at what these colors mean and how you can use them to create stunning Halloween decor!

1. Orange (the color of ripe pumpkin and dead leaves)

  • Carve grimaces on pumpkins of different sizes to express different emotions. Put candles, bouquets of fresh and dried flowers inside each pumpkin.
  • Here’s the idea to create even more festive decor: tie helium balloons of different colors, shapes and sizes into bundles and attach them to pumpkins. By using more balloons, you can make your pumpkins float in the air!

2. Black (the color of the night and evil spirits)

  • If you paint something black, you give it a more chic, elegant… and more “Halloweenish” look! Get your old table lamp with a lampshade from the attic, make some feather or straw wreaths, grab some empty wine bottles, retro candlesticks and create a gloomy and stylish decor for your festive table!
  • Cut cute bats out of black cardboard and attach them to a fishing line over the table. For a nice contrast, tie some snow-white balloons to the line, too.
  • Create “Bubbling Witch Cauldron” and show your guests some simple witchcraft — just mix some dry ice with water and pour it in cast-iron Dutch ovens to create white spooky fog!

3. Purple (the color of mysticism and witchcraft)

  • Take a pair of boots and sew nice covers from a purple fabric with black stripes for them. Place your ready-made boots along with a broom by the fireplace as if a witch had just arrived!
  • Use draperies made of beautiful satin or velvet fabric of deep purple color.
  • Make your decorations complete with balloon garlands or even a mural of purple and black balloons!

4. Green (the color of the Wicked Witch from “The Wizard of Oz”)

  • Take a few wide-mouth jars, some photos (it’s a good idea to use portrait pictures of your friends). Print these photos on thick and slick paper. Roll each photo and put it inside, then fill it with green-colored water. Put your jars in the fridge to scare the hell out of your guests! You can do the same thing with the toy eyeballs, giant spiders, and snakes.
  • Use green LED garlands to draw attention to your decorations.

5. Red (the color of blood and voodoo magic)

  • Put fresh red roses into white skulls (you can buy them at toy stores) to decorate your festive table.
  • Pumpkins painted in black with red handprints on them are a real Halloween chic!
  • Take a set of red satin cloth napkins, use white toy Dracula teeth instead of clips to spookily design the plates!

6. White (the color of bones, ghosts, and moonlight)

  • Decorate your windows, doors, and furniture with the torn gauze — show your guests that ghosts and mummies are already in the house!
  • Make white candles with blood-red streaks: light red candles and drip molten red paraffin onto white ones.
  • Stretch several layers of white tulle over the windows, decorate it with black paper figures of bats, crows, spiders. In the dim light it looks just amazing from the outside!
  • Create skull lanterns: take some black paper and cut some pretty faces out of it. Then, glue them to white paper lanterns to add some spookiness!
  • Make a Halloween bar cart: take a few large helium balloons and wrap them with black tulle. Tie the base with black ribbon and trim the skirt. Also, you can easily dress up your liquor bottles by printing retro labels and attaching them to bottles.

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