Jorge Garcia Weight Loss 2022 Tips To Copy

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Celebrities just like the rest of us, also have to battle their weight. Jorge Garcia had a weight loss experience that shocked the world when he was 46 years of age showing us that you can change at any age. If that isn’t inspirational, what is?

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Diet: 

The actor began his journey by replacing greasy foods with fruits and vegetables, and gradually made a transition into low carb and high protein foods. He also quit alcohol and began to work out on a regular basis, including some of the recommended exercises to be used alongside the diet like arms circles, push ups, sit ups, and jogging or running. 

Copy Jorge Garcia’s diet by following this diet plan prototype:  

Main rules: Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, and work out daily! 

Things to avoid: potatoes, beef, butter, bread, cheese, soda, and milk

Day 1. Fruits. This diet allows people to eat as much fruits as they want due to the fibrous content that helps to burn fat

Day 2. Vegetables. Same as with day one but with veggies, either raw or boiled

Day 3. Fruits and vegetables with no restrictions

Day 4. Probably the weirdest day of the week: People have to have 8 bananas and 4 glasses of milk during the day

Day 5. You are allowed to eat 6 large tomatoes, and fish or chicken breast, or brown rice for vegetarians and vegans

Day 6. Lean meat like chicken or fish, or a cup of brown rice with either raw or cooked vegetables for vegetarians and vegans

Day 7. A cup of brown rice and veggies.

What to Avoid

During the seven-day diet plan, certain foods that are to be avoided are listed: 

  1. Vegetables – Potato and sweet potato.
  2. Protein – Avoid any kind of meat such as beef, turkey, pork only lean meat like chicken or fish is okay. 
  3. Fats & Oils – Lard, safflower oil, butter and margarine. 
  4. Carbs – White rice, bread, and processed foods.
  5. Dairy – Full fat milk, full-fat yogurt, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and cheese.
  6. Beverages – Alcohol, soda, sweetened drinks, and packaged fruit juices.

Don’t forget to get your doctor’s opinion before trying this or any other diet!

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Workout:

Exercises to be followed on a daily basis during the diet:

  1. Arms circles (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  2. Wrist rotation   (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  3. Shoulder rotation   (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  4. Neck rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  5. Jogging or Running
  6. Stairs running
  7. Sit-ups
  8. Air cycling
  9. Pushups
  10. Breathing exercises
  11. Face exercises

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Tips: 

Jorge Garcia is a famous celebrity known for being on tv shows such as Lost. However, he is now in the spotlight because of his weight loss. These are the tips that Jorge once shared in an interview:

  • Daily exercise: Yes! As always, daily exercise is really necessary to reduce excess weight. Workouts are more important when your age is more than 35 and if your weight is more than 350 pounds. To lose weight, Jorge said in an interview that he spends 2-3 hours daily doing some form of exercise. Exercising helped effectively to reduce his weight. So, if you really want to slim down, then you should have to invest in exercise.

  • Leave “first food” syndrome: Jorge said that he just loved to eat the “first food” or the first dish that he comes across.  But, due to his increasing weight gaining problem, he couldn’t indulge in those super grabbable unhealthy foods. “First foods” are those foods, which can’t supply proper nutrients, which your body requires, because they tend to be junk food. So, leaving the “first food” played a great role in Jorge’s journey of weight loss

  • The Keto diet: It is very important for you to do Keto as an effective method for weight loss. A Keto diet is a diet that contains a high amount of fat, with a decent amount of protein and low amounts of carbs. In general, the emphasis is given to the latter when people usually describe a keto diet. That’s because carbs play a huge role in a keto diet. When carbs are reduced to a maximum of 50 grams (per day), your body reaches a state of ketosis. This is a metabolic process where the body burns the existing fat within you, for fuel. When we eat more carbs, the body tends to burn glucose for fuel –  that’s why many people who are looking for weight loss opt and want to burn fat rather than burn glucose. The following are the various benefits of the vegetarian keto diet:
  • Supports blood sugar control: Keto diets help to control blood sugar. Six studies have been linked to these diets having a significant reduction in levels of HbA1c, a marker of long-term blood sugar control. What’s more, a 5-year study in 2,918 people determined that switching to a vegetarian diet reduced diabetes risk by 53%. Meanwhile, the keto diet may improve your body’s blood sugar regulation and increase its sensitivity to insulin, a hormone involved in blood sugar control. In a 4-month study in 21 people, following a keto diet lowered levels of HbA1c by 16%. Astonishingly, 81% of the participants were able to reduce or discontinue their diabetes medications by the end of the study. 
  • Helps with weight lossA Keto diets help to support weight loss. In a 6-month study among 74 people with type 2 diabetes, these diets promoted both fat and weight loss more effectively than traditional low-calorie diets. 
  • Protects against chronic diseases: Vegetarian diets have been linked to a lower risk of cancer and improved levels of several heart disease risk factors, including BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure.
  • Cycling plays a great role: Jorge Garcia said that he cycled every day for about one hour. Cycling played an effective role in reducing weight. Whenever he felt tired, he continued making it a habit and it started to help him with weight loss. He got fitter as his belly fat also decreased due to this activity. So, as a suggestion, if you get out for a ride it will really be very beneficial for you.
  • Homemade food: After determining to reduce weight, Jorge always tried to eat homemade food and it played the most effective role to reduce her excessive weight. If you really want to reduce weight and want to be fit, then you need to adopt the habit of consuming less take-outs or takeaways.

Jorge’s Weight Gain Story

Apart from the curly hair, Jorge’s weight is always a point of discussion. Due to his unhealthy diet, the actor and comic star Garcia has always been criticized for his weight gain. The weight gain is now a concern as this may lead him to death and none of his dear ones wants it to happen. But did you know that Jorge has tried to be healthy?. According to him, he got an eating disorder which led to his extra pounds. Initially, his weight had never been a reason to worry for his career but for Lost he was asked to reduce weight. It was a difficult phase in his journey.

During his career acting for Lost, his fans were hoping to see his transformation, but nothing major was seen. Instead of a regime diet, he was back to his unhealthy diet.

Jorge Garcia had already hit 400lbs and his close friends and relatives were even worried about his unhealthy weight as they didn’t wish for anything to happen to him. Doctors had also advised Jorge to reduce weight but due to his unhealthy diet and drinking habits, nothing really worked out.

Jorge’s Inspiration for Weight Loss

Being overweight did not affect the career of Jorge, but for his appearance in Lost, he was asked to reduced weight. Along with a team of expert dietician and workout trainers, Garcia started his journey. His unhealthy food intake was switched to a healthy alternative where he even switched to a Nooch diet.

Fruits and veggies now replaced junk food. Protein-rich and low carb food were introduced into his routine with the workout. With his strong determination, he even stopped his alcohol consumption.  All this helped him to drop 30 pounds. However, although he was on a strict diet he did not shed weight, he again got back to his unhealthy diet and started drinking and since then he dropped the plan of losing weight.


Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey started in 2006 when he was featured in Lost. Apparently, the producers of Lost asked him to lose some weight to fit a role he was asked to play in the movie. Additionally, being the largest member of the cast of Lost, it became a source of concern for him, his friends, family, and even co-stars. So he took on the challenge and began changing his daily habits in order to have a healthier lifestyle and also to avoid health.

One of the dietary changes he had to make was to replace greasy foods with fruits and vegetables, and gradually made a transition into low carb and high protein foods.

Jorge also had to quit alcohol and began to work out on a regular basis on simple programs like arms circles, push ups, sit ups, and jogging or running. This was back in 2006, and all of that effort helped him lose about 40 lbs.

2007- 2014:

For the years that followed Jorge Garcia reverted to his former eating habits and saw him swell to about 400lbs. And that was his tipping point moment…because at 400lbs, he was at risk for a number of health conditions, including diabetes and a heart attack. This was around 2014.

2014- 2017:

Between 2014 and 2017, Jorge made a number of pivotal decisions that led him to lose 100lbs (1/4th of his entire weight). These key decisions include:

  1. He went 100% vegan and completely removed animal-based products from his diet, even dairy products.
  2. He carried on with Nooch diet and exercise.
  3. His close friends claimed he also had gastric coronary bypass surgery, but he’s never admitted to it. But the two years of dieting did make it unnecessary.


In 2019, he got married to the love of his life, Rebecca…and he is said to be taking a break from the limelight to just enjoy family life. Enjoy this picture of Jorge and his wife on their wedding day in 2019! 

General Trivia: 

How much weight has Jorge Garcia lost?

Over 100 pounds. 

The Hawaii Five-O star Jorge Garcia has been praised not only for his acting skills but also because of his amazing weight loss journey. The 46-year-old actor changed his eating habits after being asked to lose some pounds for his role in Lost. His diet is plant based. 

Is Jorge Garcia leaving Hawaii Five O?

Jorge Garcia is leaving the show’s main cast. Though Garcia played consultant Jerry Ortega on the CBS procedural, he will no longer be a series regular and could return for occasional appearances in the future. “I’m grateful for my time on Hawaii Five-O,” Garcia said in a statement.

How much is Jorge Garcia worth?

American actor and comedian Jorge Garcia is worth $5 million dollars. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and grew up in Southern California. He went on to graduate with a degree in Communication Studies from the University of California in Los Angeles.

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