A Short Guide to USDA Certified Organic CBD

organic cbd

Can CBD be certified organic? Yes, you can get organic products that are created by extracts from USDA-certified organic hemp. Today, people are in the continuous chase for products that are free from chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and anything harsh that can impact human health.

CBD is available almost everywhere, from an online marketplace to hemp centered marketplace. No matter where you purchase, look for USDA organic CBD from reputed vendors.

Here is a short guide about organic hemp. Let’s get started.

How did USDA-certified hemp start?

After the Farm Bill was passed in 2014, the USDA allowed certification for cultivating organic hemp in the US. But the interest for industrial hemp was restricted owing to stringent policies. Hemp that was brought from other nations was certified under regulations by the USDA. In February 2016, the United States Department of Agriculture announced that no third-party auditor could certify hemp operations. In August of the same year, the USDA changed course and permitted industrial hemp to get approved when cultivated through state-run pilot programs. But, in the statement, there was no mention of the flower that has maximum CBD concentration.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp and excused hemp as a Schedule I drug, and inspired more businesses in the CBD industry to get USDA Organic certification.

How to qualify as USDA-certified organic?

To obtain this certification, some stringent processes are carried out by third-party organizations following the USDA guidelines. Once you get the approval, the products are manufactured with cultivated organic crops or plants without prohibited chemicals, like growth hormones or fertilizers. Moreover, the products are not to be exposed to the following things:

  • Excess biocontrol agents
  • Radiation
  • Inorganic substances

Multiple factors determine a USDA-certified organic product, and the process varies based on the product to be accessed.

How to get USDA certification for organic CBD?

To get certified by the USDA, CBD companies must use specific extraction processes mentioned, and the USDA certified organic ingredients. They include hemp and carrier oils that are USDA certified. 

The permitted extraction processes are:

  1. CO2 extraction method (an alcohol extracting process with USDA certified organic cane alcohol)
  2. Lipid extraction method

Benefits of using USDA certified organic hemp for CBD

The USDA Organic certification assures that there was no use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or herbicides in the growing of hemp. This ensures that they are farmed using tillage and cultivation practices which improves or maintains the soil condition and guarantees minimization of soil erosion.

With the USDA-certified hemp, you can manufacture and supply organic CBD, and this way includes quality products in the cannabinoid market, leveraging a positive customer environment and helping build a sustainable society.

Though it is not generally suitable for all companies, with numerous benefits of USDA organic certification, this is worth pursuing. Companies that want to invest the required money, time, and effort will find this beneficial. In addition, the USDA Organic mark is a well-recognized certification among US consumers as it gives assurance of quality and safety.

Final thoughts

To sum up, we have understood a USDA organic CBD product and how they are significant. So, when you buy CBD based products ensure that you are buying from an authentic source and are certified.

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