15 Most Expensive Headphones That Money Can Buy

Most Expensive Headphones

When headphones combine with premium and luxury, the result can be a treat for our eyes and soothing audio. Of course, who would not want to touch the luxury when you have money to splash? But if headphones are a must-have for your collections, adding one of the most Expensive Headphones in the World could be a mere thought. So here are the 15 most Expensive Headphones in the World that you can go through and pick one as well!

15 Most Expensive Headphones in the World

15. Audeze LCD-3, Cost: $1,945

PC: Audeze

To start the list, the first product we have on our hands is the Audeze LCD-3. This brand always had the reputation of bringing the classic audio quality and a decent design. It would be fine enough to say that the Audeze LCD-3 boasts with all the qualities I have heard till date. It is one of the premium headphones that are available at such a high price.

Coming to the design it has an open-back frame and also magnetic drivers. This is why the ear cups are so durable and also elegant to look at. You would love to wear them even for long hours. Even if you are listening to music podcasts or audiobooks, they will impress you the most.

14. Grado PS1000e, Cost: $2,030

PC: gradolabs.com

Next up on the list of the most expensive headphones is the amazing Grado PS1000e. In true terms, this product is highly rated by most as some of the best available in the market today. There are several reasons why people choose this product and one of them would be the classic design that the manufacturer has pulled up.

Grado has revealed this product to be made up of the highest quality and this is why they have paid even the smallest attention to enhance the beauty of the PS1000e. We never had any doubt about the audio quality it boasts and it has been one of the trademarks of the industry ever since. Surely opting around $2030 could seem to be a bit high, but it is worth every penny!

13. Meze Audio Empyrean, Cost: $2,999

PC: mezeaudio.com

A lot of people and experts do put on their voice for Meze Audio because of the economical products they bring up. The Meze Audio Empyrean is one such flagship model from the manufacturer to be launched in the competitive price market. Although you may get several products from the brand at a lower value, the quality and the design it offers it highly impressive.

For $2999, you would feel to hand in one of the best products in the market if you bring up the Meze Audio Empyrean. Comparing the design of this device to other products, you would feel that it is doing complete justice. Moreover, the incredible audio quality will be the best reason why everyone is looking to buy this product.

12. Shure KSE1500, Cost: $3,245

PC: shure.com

When the concept of headphones meets design and modern structure, the Shure KSE1500 comes out as a number one choice for many. It is by far, one of the best devices to come forward with a great concept and a futuristic design. The headphones are built with the latest technology to provide you with a complete sound.

The presence of the electrostatic drivers brings up the sound quality to another level. However, we would recommend you to use a dedicated amplifier with the Shure KSE1500 to gain the best experience.

The reason why so many people rate this product to be high is because it has the best sound quality! Listening to the audio effects while playing the game could be so much fun with this.

11. HiFiMan HE1000 V2, Cost: $3,380

PC: hifiman.com

If you Google around for the HiFiMan HE1000 V2, you will only come up with one expression-cool. Rightly because this product comes with the modern engineering parts and it makes the design a complete professional touch. Probably, most of the headphone lovers fall for this design. Coming to the overall look and the design, it is built with a slim base and encompasses the 0.01mm driver.

As a result, the headphones could be magnetic and are given a better feel to the product. Coming to the technical aspect, the ear cups are manufactured with the help of polyester. So even if you wear the headphones for 6-7 hours, you’re not going to feel warm and uncomfortable. Infact, it is highly ergonomic in the design.

10. Audeze LCD-4, Cost: $4,000

PC: audeze.com

The Audeze LCD-4 is a better upgrade on the previous version of the LCD-3 and it has to be said that this product comes along with a mammoth design and also a similar price tag. If you have the money and wish to invest in a product that gives you an amazing feeling of sound, the Audeze LCD-4 is the best way to go forward.

If the list is about the topmost expensive headphones, the Audeze LCD-4 has to be on the list of the top 10 products. Coming to the design, the upgraded model from Audeze comes with a Nano-grade diaphragm and also multiple other features. To enhance the design, the manufacturer has brought in the magnetic arrays to make it look refreshed from all.

9. Stax SR-009, Cost: $4,450

PC: staxaudio.com

When it comes to the use of beautiful headphones, Stax SR-009 is one of the best devices that I have ever seen. Of course, it may not look like the most luxurious thing you could ever have, but the features and the premium finish justifies the price of the product.

The one feature of the design that impressed everyone is the super-thin diaphragm. Because of this, the manufacturers could include a wonderful silver-coating finish to the Stax SR-009. The wires within the headphones are built with copper that can ensure a long-lasting run of the product. It is prepared to serve you with the best.

You can also expect the Stax SR-009 to come up with a dynamic stereo sound and thus, listening to your favourite music could get fun!

8. Final Audio Design Sonorous X, Cost: $4,500

PC: snext-final.com

The Final Audio Design Sonorous X is one simple device that tops the list of the premium headphones available in the market. This is mainly because they have the simplest of design to be fitted into the headphone s and yet come up with a premium finish.

If you do not know about this headphone and have a look at it for the first time, you would immediately gaze at this. They are made up of aluminium and stainless steel that can make you go wonders about the device.

However, the one thing that I did not like much about this device is the sound quality. At this price range, we believed that the Final Audio Design Sonorous X could come up with better value as it would have been amazing for everyone.

7. OBravo EAMT-1s, Cost: $4,780

Sometimes, in the list of luxury, you may get some amazing products that offer you more than most others. In other words, they tend to become user-friendly so that you can get all the desired features in higher priced models.

The oBravo EAMT-1s is exactly the thing that you would love to carry with yourself. The one special feature of this device is the Hybrid Dynamic AMT driver that makes the sound flow smooth. To top off the features, it comes with a coaxial design so that more drivers are fitted into a single unit.

Coming to the body, you would find the oBravo EAMT-1s to be extremely comfortable with the ceramic handcrafted option. It appears as a great combination.

6. Abyss AB-1266, Cost: $5,495

PC: abyss-headphones.com

Another amazing product featured on the list is the Abyss AB-1266. If you are a music enthusiast and have tried out multiple headphones before, this brand may be new for you. However, the design and the aesthetic of the headphones will make you go gaga over the headphones.

The Abyss AB-1266 comes with magnetic drivers which allow the ear cups to stay closer to the head. Comparing the features with other models, this product from Abyss has a bigger edge. However, it is not one of those traditional models that you will expect. For some, it may seem to be a bit overpriced as well.

5. Ultrasone ED5 LTD Edition 5, Cost: $5999

If you are looking for pure bliss when it comes to sound effects, the Ultrasone ED5 LTD Edition 5 will simply blow away your mind. Needless to say, this device has the best quality of sound when it comes to the category of headphones.

At $5999, you would expect the headphones to be dynamic and good for the audio game. This product surely lives up to the expectations. The people who have already tried out the Ultrasone ED5 LTD Edition 5 know that the stereo operation is smooth and it is highly rated in the industry.

Moreover, this product also comes along with a nice carrying case which is made up of genuine leather. It gives a professional touch to the overall product and you would love to have it!

4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100, Cost: $40000

PC: v-moda.com

The major reason why most of the people fancy staring at the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is that it is amazing in the quality and also the build-up. A whopping $40000 could give you almost everything and the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 surely lives up to your every expectation. The major price is relatively high just because of the decorative shields that you can choose. Of course, the headphones have 3-D printed sides and it gives you the allowance to choose your metal. You can get three options from silver, gold and bronze and you can choose any of them. If you are willing to show off, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is one such amazing product that you would love to have with the kit.

3. Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1, Cost: $68000

The Sennheiser Orpheus HE-1 is one of the most expensive headphones available in the world. Needless to say, this product comes from the background of a reputed manufacturer of the music industry. It is easy to say that Sennheiser has one of the best sound qualities when it comes to performance and results. However, they are not the right ones for your everyday and go-to use.

This is a special series from Sennheiser and it requires you to attach its own set of valve amperes. Overall, it is a complete kit you would love to carry on. The chassis is completely made up of Carrara marble which is unique and brings up a great value to the headphone. To make the design and build quality better, Sennheiser has introduced the involvement of microfiber, aluminium and leather in the headphones. They are ready to make your day better.

2. Onkyo H900M 20-carat Diamonds, Cost: $80000

When it comes to luxury, the Onkyo H900M 20-carat Diamonds is something that will amaze you the most. When it says Diamonds, the pair of headsets are going to be a real gem. The Onkyo H900M 20-carat Diamonds is the iconic pair of headphones that come along with diamonds on the ear cups. Can you imagine wearing this under bright light? It’s going to be amazing right?

On top of the sets of diamonds, the manufacturers have added another ring of rubies to enhance the design. Surely the crystal cuts along with the amazing texture are just here to bring up this pair of headphones to the top 20 list. It is a must-have if you are looking for a touch of divine luxury!

1. Focal Utopia, Cost: $120000

When it comes to being the most expensive headphones of all time, the Focal Utopia tops the list. Not only is it the most expensive, but these headphones will also give you a complete luxury feeling. The outer design will mesmerize you that present gemstones as well as a touch of real gold! Of course, they are over-head cups which fit onto your ear with perfection.

The levels of sound are truly unmatched and this is why the price factor for this product is also high. To get your hands onto the Focal Utopia, you need to contact Tournaire directly. It needs to be pre-ordered as the products are not available for bulk sale.

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