Films About Animals the Whole Family Should Watch

animal movies

Most people love animals and like to watch films about these incredible creatures. If you don’t know what film to choose to please all family members, pay attention to movies that tell touching and fascinating stories about pets. Did you notice that animals always teach people to be more responsible, faithful, respectful, and open to the world? If you want to instill the right values into your children, it is worth choosing the right movies. They can become both an entertainment program for the evening and perfect learning materials. The cinematography has a big list of films to choose from, so you will definitely find something for your liking.

A Dog’s Purpose

It is one of Hachiko’s main rivals. This movie will make you love dogs even if you are a convinced cat man. Be careful since the chances are high that you may want to get a puppy after watching. The film is based on a self-titled book that tells how dogs see and perceive this life. The main character (a dog named Bailey) becomes a guide for the audience in the world of a dog’s soul. A dog doesn’t need much to be happy – it just wants to be with its beloved person and get the best wet food for puppies or grown-up dogs (depending on age). And every time it is reborn, its love and purpose stay the same. Dogs neither cheat nor change their preferences at light speed, so if you want to have someone who will love you no matter what, get a dog. This movie can evoke sinking feelings and childish joy from simple things. It tells about the loss of loved ones, failed dreams, injustices, and fatal accidents, but at the same time, the director has managed to fill it with light and bright life-affirming moments. 

We Bought a Zoo

This year we need a double portion of positive emotions. And while you take ordinary vitamins to enhance your immunity, it is worth adding some vitamins for the soul. Thus, it is worth watching a movie based on a true story about how a small family can save two hundred animals and how the latter can save the family itself. The main character has lost his beloved wife and has to raise two kids on his own. It is hard for him to start a new life chapter, but, nevertheless, he decides to leave work and look for a new home. When he finds the perfect option, it turns out that he gets two for one since the house goes along with a small, neglected zoo. His small daughter is so delighted about it, so the man turns a blind eye to the voice of reason and purchases the zoo.

The film strikes a perfect balance between serious drama and light, positive cinema. Exotic animals live in harmony with people, and the latter strive to preserve this harmony. This beautiful movie inspires and convinces us that nothing is impossible.

Marley & Me

This film is an indisputable argument against parents’ stubbornness who do not want to have a dog or at least to read the best kitten food reviews. What does the lack of space mean when it comes to a new family member who will never betray or quit?

The plot is about fulfilling the American dream of an ordinary married couple who buys a spacious mansion with a private swimming pool and a huge courtyard. In general, you will see all the cliched attributes of wealthy life, with only one amendment in the form of Marley. This dog goes with the main characters a long way to the perfect picture, bringing chaos, awkwardness, and confusion to everything. How can you keep a designer living room clean when an obnoxious dog smashes and stains everything around? Yes, this dog brings fun, comfort, and sincerity to the pre-scheduled life of the owners. Marley and Me is a very simple movie about the life of a simple family with a very challenging dog.

K 9

This comedy police action movie is filmed according to the classic scheme of the genre: two partners suffer from CHSV and cannot get along with each other, but the common task gradually rallies the team and creates dream cops capable of neutralizing a dozen criminals without leaving cars. However, one feature allows this movie to stand out from the rest – the partner of the main character is the smartest German shepherd.

The dog is a wayward, confident male who does not like working with the main character. The latter is also a stubborn male who does not want to retreat in front of the new teammate. The confrontation between two cops of different biological species, but terribly similar in character, jeopardizes the search and capture, so they will have to find a common language urgently.

Eight below

Antarctica is a place where land mammals do not live at all. But a person is a curious creature, and you will not frighten them with harsh climatic conditions. Ignoring the self-preservation instinct, two guys harness eight sled dogs and go on a research mission. Still, a blizzard and an accident force people to urgently evacuate to the station. It does not come out to take the dogs with them, and the tailed characters are left alone in the icy desert. The film atmosphere sometimes resembles a thriller; however, fortunately, people manage to take the dogs home.

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