Types of SEO – White, Black and Grey Hat SEO

Knowing what is SEO

Search Engine Optimization better is known as SEO is the online activity carried out to enhance online visibility. With the help of SEO the online existence of a corporation, e-business is boosted at a much higher level. The online visibility is done and seen on and for Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It is also known as the natural, earned or even organic search results. Commonly the page with a higher position on SERP and more often the site is visible again or searches list. The higher number of visitors coming in on a website, the higher volume of visitors it will get from the search engine visitors. With some efforts, these visitors could be converted into customers.
It is a high probability that the SEO may segment various sort of search which includes video search, photo search, educational search, present happening reports, business news etc. The common mistake people make these days is that they get confused between a local search engine optimization and search engine optimization. The local search engine is focused on international and national searches. While the Search engine optimization concentrates more on the visibility of online business and pages visibility.

The type of the SEO could be taken into consideration after going through a different kind of SEO. There are sometimes petite while sometimes huge differences which support in differentiating these SEOs. The term may differentiate itself in the approach. While sometimes it may help in outcomes from the long-term search optimization either black hat SEO or white hat SEO. Although both the SEO has their own support systems. Majority of the corporations are accustomed to stable, long-term and achievable goals. Hence the darkly shaded hats will tend to stay away from those goals

Brackets of SEO

There are in total 3 prime brackets of SEO, let us list them all

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

The major differentiation among them is the time consumed before the results are more visible, the cost incurred and the risk and value born.

#1. White Hat SEO

Okay so now let’s discuss white hat SEO. White Hat SEO, on the other hand, stick to the Google Webmaster Guidelines much more firmly. The thing with White Hat SEO is first is that the speed at which it functions is way slower and takes much more time to deliver. While on the other hand being slow does not make it cheap, it is much more costly than what it actually costs in Black Hat SEO. While the brighter side here is it is less risky. And addition to that it that will be able to deliver a long-lasting and promising value at the day’s end. While also it could be seen that the most reputable content and SEO marketing organizations like GSQI, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Moz, Stone Temple, etc. The above mentioned are some of the most well-renowned SEO and content marketing firms who make sure they stick to White Hat SEO. In a hunt for long-term but stable gain and reliability of content and site, it is done on a white hat SEO. So they recommend using only white hat mechanism and tactics.

#2. Black Hat SEO

The biggest advantage of preferring Black Hat SEO is that it will deliver what is expected. The expected requirement is fulfilled but at a much higher pace. The Black Hat SEO is much cost effective as it prefers taking shortcuts. These shortcuts are working against the Google restrictions and protocols i.e Guidelines: Google Webmaster. As the majority of the black hat SEO techniques (not to do’s)is clearly mentioned in the list. As also it also carries a risk that your website or the content you are going to upload might be outlawed or in other words will be blocked. This is exactly what no one would any wish that to happen. And this will be taken into consideration, just in case if the laws are violated as right after updating Google’s ranking algorithm.
Hence this makes it even more serious. As for those who are not aware of this, this is gonna be interesting. Google in a year roughly about to be precise in numbers is likely to change the ranking algorithm 500-600 times annually. The best thing about the Black Hat SEO is that it is having a snappy value of return. At the same time, it is highly probable that the high value will not be there forever. As already stated that like it a practice which outlaws Google’s guidelines done to get an elevated SERP positioning.
These tactics may deliver what is asked for and at a lightning fast speed. That is the reason why people go for Black Hat SEO. But if Google discovers that something is wrong and it eventually does at the end of the day. Then the consequences are no good. The common Black Hat SEO practices may include stuffing of keywords, cloaking & making use of network links which are private in nature.

#3. Grey Hat SEO

As it could be clearly understood from the name itself that this type of SEO falls somewhere in between. This is because the tactics are neither mentioned in Google Webmaster Guidelines as invalid. Neither it has been stated or declared as a white hat practice. Any individual while busy brainstorming on how to deal with the SERP ranking should take utmost care.
As if not paid attention to, the calm looking situation may turn into a complete disaster. And this is done when if just in case Google catches hold of it, the user website would be banned from Google for a lifetime which will be very chaotic. Nor on the other hand, could be declared safe. The other interesting thing about the Grey Hat SEO is that it could be technically termed as a valid way of advancing in site rankings.
The other fact is that though it is not a dubious activity, but can be considered as a black hat SEO some fine day and the effect may come off.  Think of it like the life of a criminal, crime pays well but at the day’s end, you pay a heavy price of getting into the dubious/invalid act. Similarly right now if considering grey hat SEO methods might take you higher site rankings.


So above are mentioned the various types of SEO which helps us to understand the minute differences among them all. On the other hand, explaining the consequences and benefits of using black or grey hat SEO.

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