Happy Together: All Rules of Dating After College

All Rules of Dating After College

Relationships are not easy! Probably, every person in the world said this phrase at least once in his life. Okay, we’ll try to clarify what it means for those who don’t get it. In theory, the romance itself is pretty natural since it develops spontaneously at the desire of the senses. Men and women just meet, fall in love, decide to be together for the rest of their lives. But, at the same time, people in a couple can make loving each other difficult – and even impossible. 

It is particularly true for guys and girls after college. The point is that they are not really pleased by the idea that relationships constantly need to be worked on. What absurdity is this, they think! What about love? Why is a harmonious union, resulting from a great and bright feeling – cannot work itself, like with the help of magic? Well, it really can’t. If you find yourself in this situation – read this article carefully. Our tips will change your attitude towards post-college dating once and for all. 

Have your own life

We don’t mean you need to meet a Ukrainian woman online or local girls offline in your free time, of course. This kind of freedom is hard to combine with serious intentions. 

We only want to remind you that you need some time for yourself. For example, don’t neglect your relatives and friends. Don’t give up your evening gym sessions or Sunday tennis with your brother – protect your independence. Never drown your personality in love because you can still do whatever you want. It refreshes, boosts self-esteem. As well as saves the relationship from routine and monotony.

Be honest with your emotions

Always tell yourself the truth and only the truth. Are you genuinely happy? Are you satisfied with what you have? Physically, emotionally, intellectually? Yes, it’s not a simple task – especially if your very nature is prone to sacrificial give-and-take, but these three things are critical. If you are connected only by awesome sex, sooner or later – there will be a problem (or even more than one). On the other hand, if you have a great time together, but the matters of intimacy are poor – the prognosis is also unfavorable. 

The secret of a happy relationship lies in a strong spiritual connection between partners. So make sure it is so in your romance. Otherwise, consider escape routes.

Don’t be jealous

Oh, this eternal question: where are you? Both: men and women hate it equally.  

If you bother your girlfriend with messages 24 hours / 7 days a week, call a thousand times a day – it’s wrong. And, in general, if your well-being is connected only with her – then it’s time to realize that your feelings are growing into addiction. This approach will not help keep your loved one near you. In fact, it could even push her to act exactly the opposite way. Therefore, be more confident in yourself, do not worry, and she will not go and search for another man. And even if you’ve got such a hot, good-looking girlfriend that it’s hard not to fear her unfaithfulness, convince yourself that you will be fine anyway. Turn off the pursuit option – once and for all. Remember that you are no less handsome, intelligent, and witty. Let your woman chase you – it’s much more fun.

So, that’s what we wanted to say. If you think that three tips can’t be enough – you are wrong. Try to follow the suggestions we have written in this article, and your relationship will change. No matter what happens – keep in mind that balance is the key to happiness. Find it, and your love will last forever. 

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