Best Ways to Prepare for Microsoft MCSA Web Applications Exam 70-480

Microsoft, a globally renowned IT vendor, offers several certification tracks that will add value to your career. These certifications will not only validate your capabilities as an IT professional but will also keep you relevant in the growing and evolving industry. 

And for individuals planning to hone their skills in programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, taking the certification exam 70-480 is highly recommended. Passing exam 70-480 or exam 70-483, together with exam 70-486, means that you have acquired the MCSA: Web Applications. Since MCSA is an entry-level credential and a prerequisite for getting MCSE or MCSD certifications, you can further take exam 70-487 to get MCSD App Builder credential, which is now an expert-level validation. 

So, every Microsoft certification exam opens up a lot of comprehensive certification paths you can use to advance your career. In this article, we’ll focus on taking 70-480 exam and the ways of preparation for it.

Knowing Exam 70-480

Microsoft MCSA 70-480 Exam Dumps VCE certification exam, known as Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, verifies your proficiency in building objects and methods using HTML5. This serves as a badge of your proficiency in dealing with web applications, JS, CSS and a lot more others. As a result, many professional developers with background in HTML5 use this test to expand their skills in implementing programming logic, handling errors and developing user interfaces. These abilities are particularly honed when you take the exam. 

Preparing for Exam 70-480

But before arriving at your desired pathway, you need to undergo a meticulous journey of preparation in order to pass 70-480 test. And to give your best exam performance, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips and study resources that you can take advantage of.

  1. Practice using ExamSnap

The 70-480 Premium Bundle offered by ExamSnap definitely allows you to learn the topics with ease and accuracy. It is not enough to solely familiarize and learn the exam objectives without using an outlet to test your learning. A practice exam is where you can monitor the level of your learning in a simulative environment. There are numerous exam dumps available online, yet nothing works better than the ones found at ExamSnap. Offered here is a total list of 314 questions with answers, updated and verified by IT professionals. You can practice answering these using any of your devices until you learn what you need. Aside from that, the 117 lectures that come along with the bundle will give you a learning experience needed to prepare for the MCSD credential and 70-487 certification exam. 

  1. Visit Free Code Camp

Online resources are every IT aspirant’s gem. Besides its convenience, it also provides real-time learning and training. When learning about 70-480, it’s best to combine both online and physical materials and leave no valuable resource untouched. Of course, it does not mean you have to access all materials regardless of its inaccuracies and inadequacies. You must choose all these with an attentive eye since many are scattered all over the market. However, you are safe in exploring Free Code Camp, an organization that encourages effective coding training through its extensive projects. The pathway you will take here promises you with interactive and practical learning. Your approach to web development is enhanced through its web platform and other online features. This will help you in learning key concepts and strategies necessary for passing the exam. 

  1. Get your own copy of Rick Delorme’s Exam Ref 70-480 

Other than online resources, a physical material like Rick Delorme’s book expands your understanding of the Microsoft exam. Of all the textbooks you can use for the exam, this is the most recommended. Exam Ref 70-480 is found at Microsoft site and is advised to all test-takers. This will give you a larger picture of how the exam will go and what topics will be covered in the exam. However, since it was published in 2014, it may have other out-of-date information related to the exam topics. Nevertheless, you can always back this up with other materials that can suffice its lacking content. For instance, the Microsoft Virtual Academy provides resources that you can access in practicing the essential courses of programming.

  1. Learn about the foundations of JavaScript 

Knowing the basics of JavaScript is crucial in fully comprehending what the exam will be. It is important for you to learn about its fundamentals since there will be questions related to this topic in the actual exam. When there’s one important detail you have failed to study in the exam, it will affect the entirety of your exam performance. A JavaScript book that is recommended to 70-480 exam takers is entitled Eloquent JavaScript by MarijnHaverbeke. This book will introduce you to Programming and its essential terms and techniques. Once you read this physical material, you must learn about asynchronous programming, prototypical inheritance, exceptional handling, flow structures, closure and scope in JavaScript and the likes.

  1. Take the 20480B Microsoft course

However, if you find yourself not really equipped with the fundamentals of JavaScript, you can first explore the 20480B course. You can find this at Microsoft Virtual Academy and allow it to guide you throughout the course. It also contains labs that will help you have a more practical preparation for the exam.


So, have the guts to practice tirelessly until you reach mastery and stick to your exam schedule to get the job done. Don’t be afraid to try out different study materials, choose the most reliable sources, such as ExamSnap website. And even if you’ll go through a rough preparation journey and everything will not be as flawless and easy, gaining your Microsoft MCSA Web Applications certification through 70-480 exam will pay it all off. It is because all the things you will learn in this process will also accompany you in the span of your entire programming career.

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