7 Awesome Gaming Related Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Gaming Related Careers 2

Recent research on vacancies in the gaming industry has discovered seven jobs to help you with your search. There are various opportunities available at well-known companies, like Best Casinos Canada.

There arecareers for gamers that range from analytical to creative, accommodating game lovers on every level. From translating scripts to designing games – there’s a place for everyone.

Lifehack has information on many gaming jobs. You can build up a career founded on your creative passion. It’s a bonus If you have the necessary skills in line with the position in question.

Lucas Goldberg is an author and gamer presenting you with insight on suitable career paths. You can find all the information needed to discover your preferred occupation and refine your skills.

Game Designers

Game designers are responsible for the development of the project from start to finish. It’s a challenging yet rewarding job featured on The Balance Careers. You’ll be working in teams along-side other artists, computer programmers, writers, and marketing specialists.

This job is often listed on Career Addict and is perfect for creative gurus wanting to create characters, storylines, and produce a project from conception. Experience is essential to build up a name for yourself or land an opportunity with an upstanding gaming company.

Animators and Artists

This occupation is ideal for tech-savvy artists, generating pictures and transforming them into a video game. Once you’ve developed the visuals and graphics on the characters and environment, they bring the product to life. You’re also in charge of designing the branding of the product.

The artist collaborates with the designers, writers, and marketing specialists to build the game’s desired image. It will affect the odds of receiving a favourable return on profits for the business and is an integral part of ensuring success.

Audio Engineers

There are plenty of jobs for video game lovers. From voice-overs to composing the soundtrack, this position addresses all the audio requisites. Responsible for the background music, special effects, and narratives, these engineers fine-tune the game near the end of the production process.

The sound specialists must keep up with the ever-evolving modern-day themes within the gaming world. Here, you would be designing audio that matches fashionable and trendy tracks.


This role produces the voice of the video game and needs to correspond to the image and characters. The script has to mould to the storyline, blending both creations into one. A broad degree of writers can build a career in computer gaming – accommodating fiction, and non-fiction creators.

Scriptwriters – Will generate the stories and cover dialogue on all the characters.

Technical writers – Will make up the instruction manuals, marketing materials, and other necessary documentation.

Interpreters and Translators

To modify the game into an international brand, translators and interpreters work together to include the market abroad. They translate and localize the dialogue, instructions, documentation, and branding into other languages. The goal here is to expand on consumer outreach and beyond borders.

Video Game Testers

The product is then tried and tested, searching for and reporting errors. Game testers look for any bugs and malfunctions within the product. Essentially, quality assurance (QA) combs through the game, fraction by fraction, ensuring that it’s fully functional and meets the standards.

Marketing Managers

Before the game is ready to be released, managers must scope the market and create marketing strategies. Managers are responsible for ascertaining the target audience and focusing on driving campaign projects. The game is then promoted extensively through the digital platform and in-store, maintaining brand awareness and broadening its footprint.

Final Thoughts

These game-related jobs are diverse options for game enthusiasts looking to establish a passion-filled career as a creative professional. You can hone your artistic skills over time and get the necessary experience to land a job of this calibre. These are suitable options for video game fanatics that want to make a living doing what they love.

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