How to Use Instagram Stories for Business?

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You may be using this part very well on your page, but for brand accounts, this part requires a little more attention. You should follow a strategy of what you can share and how to contribute to your brand. You don’t want to share a story away from your brand. Knowing how to share your Instagram story is one thing, but knowing what you need to share is something different. So how to use Instagram for business? In this article, you will find many tips on this subject.

What You Can Share

Here’s what you can share in Instagram stories:

• Images of an office event

• Breaking news about the industry

• Images, videos of their products

• Promote company activity.

• One of your company’s blog posts

• News of other companies that follow you or work with you

For businesses that want to tell their stories on Instagram, it’s important to know who their ideal followers are and what they want to see on Instagram. You should know more or less the personality of your ideal followers so that your audience might like them.

We’ve given a few ideas about using Instagram Stories to attract followers and build a customer base. Let’s take a look at them! (p.s before we do that, if you’re looking for examples of great Instagram accounts, we highly recommend checking out David Alan).

1. Publish Images of an Office Event

Sometimes the best thing a business can do on Instagram is to show that you think of people as much as possible, or remind you that the brand is human.

One way to do this is to publish a short video of a company function. It doesn’t matter if it’s an office holiday party or an award-winning feast. Seeing images and cross-sections from these times is easy for your followers and something they can enjoy instantly. This content also shows people that it is a relevant and friendly voice in the market.

These shares are such a popular form of sharing that many brands and agencies share in this way. Advertising agencies in particular use these shares as a great way to show their customers and potential customers how well a working environment is and has a creative team.

You can also broadcast live from the office. Of course, these publications aren’t necessarily going to show an in-office activity. You can also do this broadcast for your followers. Especially during the periods where we should stay at home, brands loved broadcasting in this way. Yves Rocher is one of the leading brands. And it’s not about promoting brand products or doing something else. Yves Rocher is having a yoga session with their followers on this broadcast!

2. Show Customer Satisfactions

Perhaps the most favorite of e-commerce brands is to share shares of satisfied customers from their brand account. In this way, it creates social evidence and tries to ensure that everyone else receives their products with peace of mind. Of course, if you add a lot of people’s sharing to your story and don’t want people to come out in the fifth story without looking at others, you have to be careful not to share too many stories.

3. Show Your Product

The product may not be the simplest or sexiest product in the eyes of those who are not in the industry. Your Instagram story is the perfect format to show potential customers how to use this product. You can stream a long video divided into 15-second clips that show users what your product or service does and how it helps its customers.

Oreo, for example, posted a story on Instagram, testing which of the two new products was liked more, but also raising awareness for people who were not aware that this product had come out.

This story allows them to learn more or less about what tastes their audience likes. This also gives them the chance to make more profits by changing their products in a way that consumers like more. And this method creates a sense of curiosity in people who have not tried this product, raising the possibility that they will buy it to try if they encounter this product in a grocery store they enter. Since each person who tries has the potential to become a customer who buys products more often, this story benefits them in every way.

Don’t forget to change the size of the video before uploading it to your Instagram story. Instagram stories should have image sizes of 1920 pixels high and 1,080 pixels wide, and the aspect ratio should be 9:16.

4. Promote A Company Activity

Does your organization hold a trade conference or attend a major conference every year?

Use your Instagram story to promote the event and tell your followers to find you there. Work with a graphic designer that shows all the information the event puzzle will need to find you. If you’re already working with a professional, tell him he’ll make you a great visual.

You can do most of these directly on Instagram. For example, you can use the local text options in your story to add. Besides, if you’re wondering what to add, let me draw you a little road map:

• The name of the event.

• Where the event is located.

• Dates you will attend.

• Your stand number

• Official hashtag of the event

Showing people how things work in your company and what they can do in your company will allow your followers to start loving your company a little bit more, or at least start to find your company a little more sympathetic.

5. Share The Competitions of the Brand

This is a prominent title as a marketing strategy. Because people like competitions and draws. Moreover, you can see that when you share these contests and sweepstakes from stories that are a high-traffic area, you certainly get people’s attention.

6. Talk About Other Companies That Follow You Or Work With You

As your Instagram followers grow older, you’ll finally get other business accounts that want to follow you. These accounts can be partners or only fans, and you might consider calling out to them in your Instagram story. This is a passive but effective way to improve their relationship with the most important users for the growth of the business.

Highlighting the Instagram Story

Now that we’ve done the main parts of the job, it’s now in the fine elimination. You can easily share a story and even create a story, but what do you need to bring it forward? And in this chapter, I’ll explain this in detail to you. Fasten your belt, because we’re accelerating!

Use Stickers

After taking a great photo or video, it’s time to decorate it with fun stickers. After you take a photo or video, you can access them by tapping the smiling sticker icon in the upper-right corner of your screen or swiping it up from the bottom of its screen.

Change The Size of Stickers

After you add your story to increase or decrease its size, you can hold and replace the sticker with both fingers.  You can also tap and drag the frame to change its position.

Setting the size and location is very important. If the sticker you put is in a color similar to the color in the background, this sticker will not appear much. Besides, if the extraction you put in the picture is too small, it may not attract enough attention. That’s why you may have lost the meaning of putting the sticker on it. So you have to carefully determine its location and size.

A New Sticker Comes Almost Every Day

Instagram Mondays make many unique stickers available during holidays or the season. Users create many of these stickers and upload them to Giphy and the stickers reach Instagram from there. It’s a good idea to check this section every day to add a new, on-the-agenda sticker to your story.

Instagram releases different stickers, funny and witty stickers. A few of the new stickers published can be very compatible with the content you want to share, right?

Add Location, Hashtag and Selfie Stickers

Here’s what you can do with this title. Hashtags, location tags, and more allow a story to reach more people, get more interaction, and the brand gets closer to more people. You can enter location tags, hashtags, contact tags, surveys, selfie stickers, regular stickers in this category

Hashtag Stickers

It is very important to publish location stickers and add hashtags with almost the same logic as what it does. If you add this tag and write a hashtag, your story will appear in searches for this hashtag, and viewers can click and see who else is using it.

Survey Stickers

There are almost no brands that don’t use the survey. From his surveys about his services or products to other questions he asks to interact with his followers, many surveys provide more interaction and closeness to brands.

Between two products, you can ask which people love more, or you can have your followers choose the influencers you work with. It’s entirely up to you how you use it. Of course, you can show your creativity when you’re preparing these polls.

Question Stickers

A similar but very different feature was included in the survey last year. Here are the question tags.

Now you can play games with your followers with this tag, which helps you perform tests very easily from Instagram stories. Ask a question from there and see the right answer. Of course, your followers will see it!

Selfie Stickers

Open the Tags menu and tap the camera icon. That’s as simple as that. He’s going to give you a camera there, and you’ll be able to easily add your story by taking your selfie. Or take a picture of someone else’s face (which will work). Then you can use this face to decorate your Instagram story. It can come out in a slightly eerie but very memorable and funny way.

Save Hands-Free Instagram Video

If you’re one of those who frequently record videos on Instagram, you know you shouldn’t hold your thumb down the recording button as long as you record it. This can be tiring when trying dynamic and interesting videos that require more hand mobility.

Hands-Free, which is capable of shooting videos without using their hands, is among the camera lens options at the bottom of the recording button. Just touch the recording button once to start the video, and once you’ve got the shot you want, just tap it once to stop it again.

Talk About Another Instagram Account in Your Story

Sometimes it’s not enough to send an Instagram story to a specific person. You need to give them a description of the photo or video. In these cases, Instagram allows you to tag up to 10 handles directly in the story’s photo or video.

Buy Followers

Buying Instagram followers is a quick way to get your account moving. If you don’t have time to do all of the ways above, you can buy 1000 Instagram followers and achieve success quickly. 


How Often Should a Business Post Instagram Stories?

Many users will upload at least 10 times a day on their Instagram Post. Many people will share a bit more, up to 20 times. But for most of you, if you share too many, the viewers won’t be watching all the way through.

What Happens When You Get 1000 Followers on Instagram?

Growth is a positive sign of a strong, flourishing site, so if you have 1,000 fans, a lot of monetization will open up for you. All and all, as long as you’ve had a great deal of dedication and professional material, you ‘re on the right track to earn money on Instagram.

Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

If you want quick success, you can buy Instagram followers. Although it will cost you money, it will save time more than you think.


Now you know much better than most people who probably use how to use Instagram Stories for business. And believe me, a lot of people don’t even know things. Don’t use the brand’s story without knowing how to use it. Try the steps in this guide instead!

Thanks for reading!

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