Extended Warranties Are Moving Online and Olive Is Leading the Charge

Extended Warranties

The world completely changed and many of the services that we were used to getting from locations near where we live are moving on the internet. This is true even for something that is as unexpected as extended warranties.

Unfortunately, because of the fact that most car owners do not even know about the existence of such an option, we need to talk about the warranty that is discussed and then move on to the online migration of extended warranties.

What Is An Extended Car Warranty?

To put it as simple as possible, the extended car warranty, just as the name implies, is an extension of the factory warranty that comes with new vehicles. The big difference is that it is offered by another provider and not by the car maker. Also, there will be differences in coverages for parts and breakdowns but generally, you actually get more coverage with the extended warranty than with the factory option. This is because of the fact that these are insurance policies created for used cars that have a higher possibility of breaking down.

As expected, when you normally go for an extended car warranty, you take the same approach as with any insurance policy for your vehicle. However, since Covid-19 affected everything we do, nowadays, it is much simpler to go for the online option. And the research by the staff of Olive makes it a lot easier for practically all car owners to get the coverage they need in just minutes as opposed to days.

Why Olive?

Olive is one of those service providers that instantly stands out because of the quality of the services offered. It is not just because the company was among the first to streamline the online process of getting an extended car warranty. This is definitely a big reason why Olive is so popular at the moment but there are so many others that can be highlighted.

We can safely say that Olive is leading the way when it comes to online extended car warranty policies and it does so in a very smart way. Some of the main reasons why Olive is now so popular include:

  • The mechanical breakdown coverage offered will take care of all the big repairs, like transmission and engine failure.
  • When a breakdown happens, you just need to go to an auto repair shop and get the car fixed. Then, contact the Olive Coverage Advocate and the process will start. With a very simple deductible payment that is just a fraction of the full cost of the repair, you can get everything fixed for you. However, it should be highlighted that the routine maintenance tasks are not covered since Olive is focused on the largest repairs that are needed by a used car owner.
  • The deductible that you pay is based on the plan that you sign. Owners can easily choose what is appropriate for them and always know exactly how large the deductible is.
  • The restrictions that exist with Olive plans are much better than that of the other providers in the industry. For instance, in most cases, plans only cover vehicles that have a maximum of 100,000 miles. Olive goes way beyond that by covering cars that are up to 10 years old and with a mileage of up to 140,000 miles. You can even get some extra coverage of up to 185,000 miles or extend to a car age of 14 years.

On the whole, Olive is an industry leader because of the huge overall quality that is offered. It is enough to say that Olive has a specific plan designed for every single car type so that the best possible coverage is offered based on what is most likely to break down. You just need to pay a monthly cost of $30 to $80 and then, when the unexpected bad situation happens, a small deductible to get your vehicle fixed.

Having an extended warranty active on a car these days is a very smart investment that should not be neglected by any used car owner that falls within the requirements for such a plan. And, the truth is that with Olive, there is a much higher possibility that this is the case.

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