Earn Money Via Credit Card

Earn Money Via Credit Card

Credit cards may help you save some extra money if you are using it wisely. Here are some tips to earn from Credit Cards:

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  1. Sign up bonus: Make use of sign up bonus that banks offer on new credit cards if you spend a certain amount in initial months (usually 3 months). Get a new card in accordance with your next 3 month expenses to get the sign up bonus. Do not get a card with higher spend requirements offering higher sign up bonus and ending up spending on unnecessary things just to make up to to that certain amount.
  2. 0% APR: Most cards offer 0% APR for initial 12–18 months if you keep paying the minimum payable amount. So, just pay the minimum amount and keep the rest of the payable money in a savings account until the end of 0% APR period. At that time, just pay the whole due amount and keep the interest with you. Banks are offering as much as 5% APY. Also, this method gives you some flexibility with cash in savings account during 0% APR period. Even better, if you can invest this money for higher returns during 0% APR period. But make sure you have enough cash to pay the total bill at the end of 0%APR period, otherwise forget savings, the interest will drain out your actual money.
  3. Cash back: You can save money using cash back on all of your credit card spends. Usually these cashback range from 1% to 5% depending on the card.
  4. Balance transfer: Again like 0% APR, banks offer balance transfer for 12–21 months at 0% APR. You can get that balance transfer and have that deposited into your checkings/savings account. This method will be beneficial only if you can make use of that money getting returns more than balance transfer fee (usually 3% of transfer amount).
  5. Multiple Credit Cards: Get multiple cards for different purposes
    • One that will give you miles
    • One that will give you more points on maybe online spends
    • One which will give you offers on movie tickets
    • One which will give you offers on travel or utilities or something, I hope you get my point
    Get the cards on different cycles so you don’t have to pay all your card bills on the same day.
  6. Reward Points: Whether its monthly rent or paying grocery bills, use your credit card online as much as you can, make sure don’t run beyond your limit, otherwise interest will drain out all your hard earned. When you finally check your reward points at the end of the financial year, you will finally earn some money from using the card.

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