Why You Need to Know VIN Code of Your Motorbike

The unique combination of seventeen letters and numbers, which is applied to the internal components of the vehicle, is called the vehicle identification number. VIN is the main identifier of a motorcycle, by which all its basic information is determined:

  • manufacturer;
  • type;
  • model;
  • year of production;
  • country of production;
  • identifier of a specific motorcycle.

The requirements for the VIN structure of bikes are completely identical to those for automobiles. When performing any registration actions, experts must check the machine code, and if it does not correspond to reality, a ban is imposed on any manipulations with the vehicle. A driver may have bought a motorbike of the same brand and year of manufacture, and according to the identification code, it has completely different indicators and characteristics. In this situation, the owner runs the risk of being left without a motorcycle, as police officers will detect falsification and take action.

How to Check the Code?

Many people believe that the year of production and model should be enough, but manufacturers offer different levels of equipment on the same types of bikes. For example, some identical trim levels have different braking systems, suspensions, and steering components. Many cosmetic and interior details come in specific colors and configurations. You can examine the motorcycle VIN code in the following ways:

How Does It Help in Maintaining the Bike?

Providing the right information is the guarantee that the owner of the motorcycle will receive an original spare part to avoid problems with its installation and further operations. The code also contains data on an almost endless list of functions, additional and standard equipment. It is worthwhile to understand that managers working in auto stores cannot know the bolt sizes for all models produced in the last few years. This is why VIN was invented, which should facilitate the interaction between dealers and customers.

How to Avoid Problems with Your Bike?

You can protect yourself from different troubles if you check the VIN when buying a motorcycle. Moreover, you need to examine machines, both used and new ones. The code is the guarantor of the vehicle’s safety. In the case of a motorbike hijacking, an attacker can change the license plate, but changing the serial number is almost impossible. Trying to change a number or digit will not work, because the color, body type or brand according to the forged code may correspond to another bike or not exist at all. If the criminal removes a special bar that is mounted on the inside of the body and contains a 17-digit code, it will attract the attention of police officers. They will have many reasons to believe that the bike has been stolen.

In any case, every motorcycle owner needs to know the vehicle identification number. It will help to be confident in your bike and know how to fix the problem if it occurs.

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