The Strongest Coffee Death Wish: Truth or a Marketing Hook?

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For all we know it, people can be divided into two drastically different groups. People who can’t imagine their lives without coffee and those who simply don’t care about it at all. The first group is also composed of several separate categories. Some people just need their coffee black and strong. Others take their coffee only when it looks like a desert. Some people are strictly morning drinkers. Some take regular caffeine doses throughout the day as there are some secret life powers in it. Overall, each individual has a personal preference when it comes to coffee and the culture around it. This is why the appearance of the Death Wish coffee on the market has shaken the community. This brand started with rather aggressive marketing straight away. After all, you shouldn’t expect anything else from the strongest coffee on earth, as the company calls itself. The company’s advertisement was as bold and assertive as they claim their coffee beans are. Let’s see if it is all just a marketing hook or there’s truth to what they are saying. This is a breakdown of Death Wish coffee. 

What’s about it

Death Wish is definitely aimed at the most devoted coffee lovers. You know, those who can’t think of starting their day without a cup of coffee. Everyone else may find drinking this coffee to be a challenge. Of course, the company claims to have a nice balance between bitterness and softness. Though, an inexperienced coffee drinker may not agree with this statement. The caffeine kick may be another thing to worry about. It will be a real kick, alright. A safe dosage of caffeine can be equal to five cups of coffee in a day. This is about 400 mg of caffeine. However, depending on the cup size, Death Wish coffee can have twice as much caffeine in a cup. In general, it has about 472 mg of caffeine in 8 oz. Such a dose is not for the faint-hearted. We can tell you that for sure. To compare, one cup of a Death Wish can be equal to almost 3 medium cups of Starbucks coffee.

So, does its strength affect the taste? Well, it depends. People can usually identify two major taste profiles when it comes to coffee. It can be bitter or sour. Of course, these two profiles can be broken down into much more narrow categories. Coffee can be sour, like citrus or berries, for instance. It can have a chocolaty flavor to it or taste like bitter caramel. When it’s done right, coffee can have a nice flavor profile with at least two or three notes in different stages as the cup is cooling down. Overall, a sour taste is more common for coffee. It’s only because the most common coffee beans throughout the world are Arabica. So the chances are, the majority of us, who don’t pay much attention to such details, for the most part, drink only Arabica. Thus, these drinkers are more accustomed to sour coffee. In such a case, Death Wish will be a surprise to their taste buds. 

First of all, Death Wish uses a combination of Arabica and Robusta. Hence, the mix of beans already reduces the bitterns of the Arabica. Also, since we are talking about a dark roast here, it is much more on the bitter side than you may expect. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. It just means that not many will be accustomed to this flavor, to begin with. It has a much more hearty, in-your-face strong bitter flavor that kicks all your taste buds simultaneously. A dark roast means that the coffee beans went through the long roasting process, minimizing the moisture and leaving them with a smokey and bitter taste. The beans are losing their original taste during roasting, though, the process gives them new rich flavors. As a result, their beans give a strong, bold, unique taste. Death Wish coffee should have chocolate and cherry notes in the end. This is what the company strives to achieve. A strong coffee, bold flavors in your first sips with a smooth ending, and cherry notes in the aftertaste. Do they achieve it? Well, if you can go through the bitterness and density, in the beginning, you may receive your reward at the end. The flavors of the coffee do open up at the last minute.

The bottom line

So, is it the strongest coffee on Earth? It’s hard to tell. These days, many companies follow the Death Wish strategy and create their versions of the strongest coffee. What we can confirm is that coffee Death Wish is strong. Really strong. 

Frankly, if you just want to enjoy a cup of good coffee, you can just look for the best brazilian coffee beans and order some of those. Coffee is not a simple energy drink. There is a whole culture to it. Why ignore it? The way you drink your coffee matters. There are so many methods to make delicious and strong coffee. You just need to know how to approach it. For example, do you brew it yourself or buy it on the way to work? What method of brewing do you use? Are you precise with your measurements? Have you come up with the right ratio? Do you know what coffee beans taste the best to you? There is so much about coffee each of us can learn during a lifetime. You can learn more about it from budget coffee makers review but for now, try to explore what coffee options you have.

If you are one of the coffee lovers, you may already have answers to all these questions. Thus, you may be ready to try Death Wish and not taste only the bitterness or kill your taste buds with ultra-strong coffee. However, if you are new to coffee culture, it may be a good decision to stay on more traditional coffee beans for a start. On the other side, if all you need from a cup of coffee is the energy kick to boost your productivity, Death Wish beans seem to be the right choice for you. Also, keep in mind that Death Wish gives you not your usual caffeine kick. It will be much more intense and long-lasting than what you may be used to. It is known to affect even serious coffee drinkers. So if you are not sure whether your heart or nerves can handle it, it means they can’t. Be careful around such high-caffeine products.

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