The Most Famous Harvard Students Of All Time

Harvard is a well-known college that has special standards with its education and success. It also brings graduates who are recognized in nearly all fields, such as music, theatre, economy, architecture, and politics. People who graduated from Harvard generally create a difference in their fields. Some of them won Academy Awards or Nobel Prizes while others change the politic atmosphere around the world. Even if you are not attending Harvard College, you can still have a chance to change your life regardless of your college, it all depends on your studies and how you improve yourself. Writing an essay while studying can be hard for you, but there are other options to solve this problem. You can come across several online essay writing services by searching order essay or write an essay for me. Through your search results, you can find the right service for your essays. Maybe your favorite artist or director who attended Harvard used the same method while they were studying, you can never be sure. You may surprise to discover that one of your favorite politician or artist is graduated from Harvard. Here’s a list of famous Harvard students with their degrees.

Natalie Portman

She is not just a famous and successful Academy Awarded actress, but she also studied psychology and finished it with a degree at Harvard. Staring in blockbuster movies, such as Black Swan, and independent movies, Portman has been awarded several times thanks to her performance. She can be seen as walking evidence of success when we think of her profession.

Conan O’Brien

Being America’s one of the most successful television hosts is not the only O’Brien’s achievement, he also finished Harvard. He focused on the field of literature and history. Later he graduated and joined the writing staff in SNL. He improved himself until he gets his personal TV program.

Terrence Malick

Malick finished the department of Philosophy at Harvard, and the department influenced him a lot. He directed several movies that are well-appreciated by critics. Badlands and Days of Heaven are his best-known movies. He still directs movies and writes scripts for his movies, and his vision is growing thanks to his earlier studies.

Darren Aronofsky

Aronofsky finished Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social anthropology and film. His departments affected his profession a lot. He directed movies like Black Swan and The Fountain which are known for their surreality, ambiguous atmosphere, and disturbing effect on their audience. He has been awarded several times with his successful films.

William S. Burroughs

Graduating from the English department at Harvard effected Burroughs’ later career a lot. After his graduation, he became a well-appreciated writer in literature in America. Naked Lunch, Junky, and Nova Express are his best-most popular works. he is also a part of Beat Generation.

Barack Obama

Finishing Law School at Harvard influenced Obama’s future political career. Later he became the president of the United States and accomplished several great political moves.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Tyson graduated from the department of Psychics at Harvard. His studies made his way to the popular culture. He starred in his own documentary series and tells his knowledge about astrophysics to the people who have no idea about it. He awarded a lot with his studies and researches.

Sheryl Sandberg

She attended Harvard and finished the department of economics. She also won several awards. Today, she is the chief operating officer on Facebook with a successful career.

Bill Gates

He dropped out of Harvard in order to create his own works. Thanks to Microsoft, he has become a software engineer who has worldwide fame. Years later after his achievements, Harvard honored him by giving him an honorary degree.

Al Gore

He wanted to study English at Harvard yet he ended up finishing the department of Government in 1969. Today he works as an activist.

Tommy Lee Jones

The Academy Awarded star and filmmaker, Jones graduated from Harvard with a degree in English. His best-most popular movies are The Fugitive and The Man in Black film series which he starred with Will Smith.


Having a BS degree in International Affairs is not the only Kennedy’s achievement, he also became the president of the United States. With his political moves and family life, he became an icon.

Matt Damon

He studied English and Theater at Harvard but he did not graduate. He dropped out to concentrate on his career in Hollywood as an actor, and he starred in various blockbuster movies and exceeded his profession in movies.

Elisabeth Shue

Even though she dropped out of Harvard, she improved herself in acting. Later, she became a successful person in Hollywood. Years later, she came back to Harvard to get her degree in Political Science. 

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