Promotion on TikTok gets harder as the amount of bloggers grows: how do you stay popular and support your content in these unease times?

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Surely, you could try to do everything yourself and save some money, but most of the time people don’t have enough knowledge, time and energy to organize the promo in the most efficient way. That’s why paid promo services are much-needed and the offer on the market of these services keeps on growing daily. Yet things are not that easy anyways: because of how huge this market is, there are lots of scammers and indecent promo-managers who use bots and other machinery to promote their clients accounts. How do you buy TikTok followers that are real and helpful and what are the main benefits that such a purchase can actually give you?

So, for example you’re a beginner TikToker who’s searching for their audience and who has no knowledge whatsoever about how TikTok algorithms work. You’d have to learn several things before the start: a) you shouldn’t be trying to fool the techs that work for TikTok b) therefore, you cannot use the services that exist because of bots. Unreal and inefficient followers that are actually no people but just empty pages will lead you nowhere — to get yourself popular on the platform and looking like an already successful vlogger you really need to pay your attention to the services that exist because of the cooperation between real people. Finding an agency that sells such services can be hard — most of the times the opportunity to wind the amount of subs up works just because a company has a certain pool of fake pages that are able to follow their clients and create a visibly successful profile.

But the truth is — these pages will be deleted and you’re going to be left with nothing. Your money will be spent and the results won’t be there, because any social media platform’s techs are currently trying to get rid of all the fake accounts that are present on their website. And that’s understandable — people are visiting social media looking for social interaction, and fake accounts are just littering the space, making it inhuman and unhappy. So, you have to hold on a second and spend some more time on finding a decent company that sells decent services: but do you have time and energy for that? We don’t think so: people who’re trying to create quality content are usually over the head busy and cannot find a spare minute to read a single review. That’s why we’re here: we want to give you a small clue on how you can make your life easier: skip the research and come to as we are the company that cares for their clients at each step of online promotion.

What do we do to make our customers happy?

We start with a simple thing — helping our client to choose the best option to promote their account. If you’re new and you don’t know much about online promotion, you can always ask for help in the chat on We’re trying to always stay online and help our customers as soon as possible. You can ask about something that’s bothering you, you can ask what packages are the best ones to combine with one another and you can also ask for an individually created package if you cannot find something that suits your needs quite right on the website.

Now let’s talk about the following parts — how does the delivery happen? Usually it takes us several hours from the moment that you’ve created your order and have paid for it, but sometimes it can take a little bit longer and can last through 24-72 hours. It all depends on the size of the pack that you have chosen and on the amount of work that our managers are going through right now. In any case, there is no need to worry if a service isn’t coming your way at the same second that you’ve paid for the pack — it’s going to be here in the exact amount that you have chosen and your followers count is going to grow immensely right behind your eyes.

If any problems arise you can always hit our managers in the chat with a question or a task — they will be here to fix everything as soon as possible. If talking in chat isn’t quite for you, you can always use our support team email address that you’re able to find in the contacts section. We’re trying to give our clients maximum informational and technical support to make them comfortable while buying from us. We also have tons of paying options available: from MasterCard and Paypal to more rare such as cryptocurrency and some specific online wallets.

Promotion is not that hard and takes very little time and effort if you’re working with the right type of promo agency: Soclikes is surely the one that you can delegate all the difficult tasks to and the one that you can rely on.

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