14 Skills to Help You Survive University

Survive University

University years are sweet. You’re finally out of your parent’s house, have a campus full of potential friends, and you’re on your way to studying the career of your dreams. These years are rewarding but can get a bit overwhelming if you’ve got too much piled up on your plate. That’s why we’re here to share some tips on how to survive. Enjoy your university years with this exclusive survival guide. 

1. Learn to Budget

Going to college is expensive. Even if you have scholarships or parents that pay for it all, you’ll more than likely have to keep a tight grip on the money that you have. Consequently, it’s recommended to create a budget and stick to it, attempting to avoid overspending. This is helpful for several reasons, including a good life lesson on saving and budgeting in the future. 

2. Know When to Go Home

Peer pressure is out there and floating all around you. You’re likely surrounded by lots of drinking age people that love to party, which is totally fine, sometimes. Know when to stop the party and go home even if everyone is telling you not to. 

3. Plan Your Meals 

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you might have to save your signature dishes for the weekend. That’s because you’re sure to be busy. By planning your meals for the week, you can organize your grocery store run, cut back on dishes, save a ton of time, and even score some health benefits. You’re getting a little too old to eat as you did back in high school; it’s time to start being conscious of what you put in your body. 

4. Avoid Being Put on the Spot

Sometimes, professors like to pick people out of the crown and make an example of them. If you’ve paid close attention all semester, then there is no need to worry. However, if you have some catching up to do and don’t want to be asked questions, keep focused on your lecture notes. Professors will call on those who are making eye contact the most often, so keep focused. If you’re strengthening your writing skills with best assignment writing service, make sure you know what it’s about so that when your professor asks where that great idea sparked from, you can answer. 

5. Schedule Bathroom Breaks

There is nothing worse than sitting through an hour-long lecture having to pee. The rooms are often cold, and the classes drag on. You’ll notice every tick of the second hand if you don’t empty your bladder beforehand. So, get to class a bit early and let it all out. 

6. Learn to Skim

You’re likely to be pushed for time. So, anything that will save you time is a lifesaver. Skimming is a fantastic skill that can help you study without burning you out from all of the reading you have to do. 

7. Know When to Ask for Help

There seems to be a common misconception about professors. They do not bite! If you have a question or confusion about anything, go and ask them, that is what they’re there for. 

8. Cooking 101

Too many students go into their first years without a clue of how to cook. You’ll benefit from knowing the basics, at least knowing how to make yourself a few home-cooked meals. 

9. Laundry Skills Are a Must 

If your mom is the one to do the laundry, you’ll want to start asking her to give you some tips. You’ll have to do your own laundry, and you’ll need to do it often to avoid any smells. 

10. Know When You’ve Had Enough to Drink

Drinking is part of the university culture. There’s a ton of emphasis on games and fun, but you should know when to stop. Dangerous consequences can come from drinking too much, so use caution.

11. Keep your Space Clean 

Do you remember those years of your parents griping at you for not keeping your room tidy? Well, those will come in handy in university. You don’t have a lot of space, and you need to keep it clean so that you can relax when the time comes. 

12. Keep It Cool with Roommates 

Sometimes roommates suck. They can be too loud or party too much or just be plain weird. Learning how to be open to diversity can help you, and your roommate co-exist. It could help to share Sharpessay with them, letting them in on your secret weapon for tight deadlines. 

13.  Take Advantage of Student Discounts 

As a student, you’re often granted a ton of discounts on campus and in town. This could be for food, supplies, or even fun activities like bowling, movies, or karaoke. Using coupons is a great way to meet people or start a new trend. Take advantage of these as much as you can to save some bucks and try some new things. There’s nothing shameful about using discounts; you can’t be shy about wishing not to pay too much for what’s not worth that money. 

14. Work Smarter, Not Harder

The best tip we can leave you with is to work smarter, not harder. Using Take My Test For Me Online, you can score quality essays that will get you the grade without spending hours or days. Learn when you need help with some of your workloads, leaving some to professionals. Learn to study effectively, do homework faster, and ask for help instead of spending too much time racking your brain. 

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