Things you didn’t know about Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai

If you have been following the talk show ‘How Do I Look’, then you must be acquainted with its vivacious host Jeannie Mai.  She is a highly adorable lady in America who has stepped into various shoes including television personality, fashion stylist, makeup artist and talk show host. However, she has gained maximum popularity for her hosting skills. In addition to ‘How Do I Look’, she has even hosted another hit talk show titled ‘The Real’. She was even seen in various television programs like The Daily 10, The Today Show, and The Extra with Billy Bush. The beauty has stolen several hearts with her skills.

If you are also fond of Jeannie Mai, you might already be aware of basic details of the diva including her birthplace, worth, her career and her personal life. But, there are some facts and things about her that are still unknown. So, let’s put light on these.

Unknown facts about Jeannie Mai

From her aspirations, connections to her unknown gigs, there’s so much to know about Jeannie Mai. Here are some of the most exciting facts about Jeannie Mai:  

Jeannie Mai aspired to become a Makeup Artist

Almost every girl in this world is highly attracted to makeup. The same goes for Jeannie! Ever since her childhood, she was inclined towards makeup. She used to watch her mother dress up and put on make-up. This made her curious to try it herself. She used to play with her mother’s cosmetics and she even loved putting on makeup on others’ faces. It was then that little Jeannie thought she’d grow up and become a make-up artist.

By the time Jeannie turned 18, she had become a well-known makeup artist. Her makeup skills and knowledge allowed her to grab the prestigious contract of the famous brand, MAC Cosmetics. Later, she even got promoted as a trainer and celebrity make-up artist. This was a turning point in her life!

Jeanne Mai turned fashion stylist on special demand of her clients

While she was working in MAC Cosmetics, she even got the opportunity to look after the makeup of many celebrities. Some of them included Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osborne, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keyes, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few. These celebrities loved her work and turned into her long-term clients.

In addition to her duties, she even offered great style and fashion tips to her clients. Hence, they even requested her to become their fashion stylist. So, she officially turned into a fashion stylist.

Jeannie Mai wrote her audition scripts all by herself

In the year 2003, Jeannie decided to make a career shift from a makeup artist to a television host. So, she applied for multiple auditions to get her first break. Jeannie Mai knew about her capability as a host and a scriptwriter, so she started writing her audition scripts. Finally, Jeannie was selected as a co-host in ‘Stir’ which is an Asian-American Television Show. Though she acted as a co-host, this stint got her another project where she got the opportunity to singlehandedly host ‘Character Fantasy,’ a USA Network show. After this, there was no looking back for the brilliant host.

She married Freddy Harteis but the divorce left her in a miserable situation

In the year 2007, Jeannie incepted her conjugal life with the man of her dreams, Freddy Harteis. The couple lived together for 11 years. They didn’t have any children together.  In 2018, their differences led them to file for a divorce. Life after the divorce was quite harsh for Jeannie. She had to face various obstacles in her everyday life, including her career. She always felt ashamed of the situation she was left in after the separation. However, she didn’t let it affect her too much and moved on. The host has shared feelings and her experience after divorce in her show, The Real.

Jeannie Mai is a Germophobe

Jeannie Mai is a Germophobe! Yes, Jeannie is highly afraid of germs, and she always stays in a clean environment. Mai confessed about her fear of germs in her talk show. She even revealed different ways and precautions that she follows in her everyday life to keep germs at bay! She talked about her experience in a hotel room. Now, she considers herself as an expert in using the restrooms without making any skin contacts with toiletries and other fittings that might have deposition of germs.

Jeannie Mai never had any Plastic Surgery

Almost every celebrity undergoes plastic surgery of different body parts including face, nose, lips, etc to look beautiful. The female superstars believe that plastic surgery is essential to prevent aging and to keep intact their appealing look. However, Jeannie never thought of plastic surgery.

Even though plastic surgery offers amazing results, Jeannie never went for this idea. Furthermore, she has no future plan to go for plastic surgery, either sooner or later. She always believes in abiding by natural beauty. However, she undertook butt implants after getting suggestions from other celebrities. But she faced an issue after butt implants. She had to regularly exercise squats, which she hated the most.

Jeannie Mai got her name from a famous Television Character

Jeannie’s parents were highly fond of a television show named, ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’ In the show, Jeannie’s role was played by Barbara Eden. Both her mother and father were huge fans of Barbara Eden and her character Jeannie. That is why when the beauty was born, they did not think twice before christening her as Jeannie.

Jeannie Mai is ‘beauty with brains’

Jeannie Mai is a jack of many trades. She is a multi-talented lady. So, she never stuck to a single career field and followed her passion. She worked in the entertainment, beauty, and fashion industry. Jeannie worked in the fields where looks matter. So, people assumed that she has only looks and no brains. However, this is way apart from reality. Jeannie is a beauty with brain. She possesses immense knowledge and experience in her fields and she is also highly educated. She has achieved a degree in communications from De Anza College. In addition to it, she can speak different foreign languages including Spanish.

Jeannie is highly connected to her mother

Just like everyone, Jeannie shares a special bond with her mother. Her mother has always been there to hold her back. In fact, her mother even helped her to get out of depression post her divorce. Jeannie was so much broken at that time that she needed someone who could understand her situation, and she knew that only her mother would be there to support her. So, her mom is staying with her since 2018. When people came to know about it, their relationship started gaining popularity.

Jeannie has revealed her strong bond with her mother. According to Jeannie, her mom is a fun-loving woman who is fearless and has taught her many great things. She thanks her mom for making her a successful woman and attributes her every gain to her. She even posts their pictures together on social media.

Jeannie Mai has hosted Miss USA

Jeannie Mai has been successful in hosting many TV shows. She started her career in 2003 and she has received immense love from her fans. Meanwhile, her professional life was going excellent, Mai even got an opportunity to host Miss USA in the year 2012.

Jeannie Mai has won many awards for her hosting skills

Even though Jeannie Mai isn’t an actress, yet she has received numerous nominations and awards. Her first-ever award was for the show, ‘The Real’ in which she was seen co-hosting. For this show, she won the NAACP Award. In the same year, she was awarded Daytime Emmy Award along with her co-host. Then in 2019, she won an NAACP Award again with the co-host of ‘The Real.’

Jeannie Mai is a sensation in social platforms

Jeannie Mai gained colossal fame for her hosting. The superstar is active on various social platforms and her follower’s base keeps on increasing. On Instagram, this lady has over 2.2 million followers, who keep an eye on her IG posts. Her Instagram bio indicates that she is an advocate fighting against human trafficking. Her posts include pictures from work and some funny moments with her dearest friends and family members. She even shares the photos of her relaxing time.

On the other hand, she is also quite active on twitter and has about 300 thousand followers. In twitter, she generally promotes ‘Hello Hunnay,’ her digital series. Usually, her twitter posts are about her connection with her mom. However, she even posts daily work pictures on twitter and loves to give quirky fashion tips.

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