Bill Burr’s Daughter Lola Changed Dad’s Life

Comedian Bill Burr has been making people laugh with his special called Paper Tiger on Netflix and even though his wife and daughter don’t join him during the 90-minute stand-up set, they are very much the stars of the show. The comedian known for speaking his mind with his controversial statements is also the first to admit that becoming a father won’t stop him from being his old self, for better or worse. According to what he stated on Seth Meyers during a visit to his late-night show in 2018, Bill doesn’t like it when people act like they have become someone different just because they have become parents. Let’s find out some other ways in which Bill Burr’s life changed when his daughter came into his life: 

Bill Burr’s Daughter Made A Lot Of Changes To His Life

Who is Bill Burr’s daughter? 

Lola Burr is Bill Burr’s daughter. It was in 2013 when Bill Burr met his wife and the couple decided to tie the knot. Within 4 years, they were blessed with the arrival of their first child together, daughter Lola Burr. Bill Burr was close to his 50s when Lola was born, and he did admit that he was afraid of being too old to make his wife pregnant. And while he said that having a child was something he did to make his wife happy, he also shared: I was very excited. Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a dad.”

As of May 2020, Lola Burr is expected to have a little brother or sister as Nia Hill, her mother recently announced her pregnancy. Looks like Bill Burr has more material for us in a year or so! 

How Did Lola Burr Change Bill Burr’s Life:

He Wants To See Her Get Married: 

Even if Bill Burr has remained unchanged by parenthood, as he claims to be the case, there is something new to him now that he is the father of a girl that someday might want to marry.

In the aforementioned interview,, Bill said that he is now aware that he has to stay alive long enough to make sure that his daughter doesn’t marry “a jerk.”

He Is A Real Papa Bear:

Also, Bill has made a point of not caring what anybody thinks about his uncompromising brand of humor, but when he wrote his show “Paper Tiger,” he made a last-minute change to the closer joke in consideration of his daughter. Regardless of whether people think he’s gone soft or not, the comedian doesn’t care, he loves his daughter more. 

“The joke was about my daughter being born and me feeling some crazy feelings, and I just thought it would hurt her feelings if she ever saw it,” Bill shared with The Wrap in 2019.

“I would never want to hurt her, so I was just like, ‘I don’t need to do that,’” the comedian stated.

Another incident features the 3 year old enjoying daddy-daughter time with her funny father. For example, their first movie theater experience was not ideal.

“I didn’t know it was a Tim Burton movie… if you look at the billboard it looks like a cartoon,'” he told Conan O’Brien about taking Lola to watch the 2019 live-action of Dumbo. “About eight minutes I was like to my daughter, ‘Do you want to go home to mommy?’ and she just goes, “Yeah.'” 

Her mother, ofcourse, is Nia Hill who’s also a comedian. Bill Burr and herself met at a comedy show in Boston. Shortly after, they decided to move in together to LA for better opportunities and in 2013, they tied the knot. Their daughter, Lola, was born 4 years later on January 20, 2017. 

Bill Burr Bakes All of His Daughters Cakes:

Bill assures his followers that he’s gonna make birthday cakes during Lola Burr’s birthday every year. During her 1st year birthday in Jan 2018, Bill shows how happy he is seeing kids around his house during a Monday Morning Podcast. 

Watch the video in which he describes how fast his daughter is growing up. Let’s just say if Bill Burr hosts any birthday party, the entertainment is going to be full on: 

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