US Senator Defending Bitcoin Mining | Bitcoin Mining a Big Business!

Two of the largest bitcoin mining facilities, Bonner and Butte are based in Montana, North America. As per the recent facts and figures, they are the major energy producers in the state named the Colstrip power plant. This plant, however, is subject to be closed soon.  US Senator and one of the congressional representative,  Steve Daines openly reflected his concern with the shutting down of the plant.

US Senator Believes Bitcoin Mining to be a big business!

Recently during the Senate energy and natural resources committee held in Washington, DC, Senator Dains expressed his concern with the increasing demand for bitcoin miners and decreasing availability of the cheap electricity through coal. He said that this could pose a threat to the expansion of the bitcoin generation and not only this but also poses a much greater threat to the energy supply and the prices it is available at.
He mentioned how the largest bitcoin mining company, Butte relies on the coal-fire powered Colstrip plant for 64 megawatts of power. With this plant ordered to shut down in less than 10 years, he mentioned that it is the end of the bitcoin mining industry. This is the major concern of the Senator.
This is not the first time that the political figures are showing their interest towards the growth of bitcoin mining, Earlier, Governor announced that approximately, half a million dollars will be provided to the bitcoin miner project, Spokane for their growth and advancement. They have also stated that increasing the bitcoin mining business in the state have also increased the employment numbers.
Apart from this the Bonner Bitcoin mining facility is also performing beyond well. The political support is not the only reason why it is believed that mining will thrive in the area. In fact, the major reason behind this is the cool climate these areas have to offer. This threat hanging over the shutting down of the electricity plant can undeniably ruin the entire bitcoin mining industry that holds a good chance to flourish.

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